30 Jun 2014

RECAP: Melbourne Book Blogger/Booktuber Meet Up

So the most amazing thing happened on Saturday. I got to meet and spend the day book shopping with a bunch of amazing bloggers, booktubers and some extra bookish people in Melbourne. As you can probably imagine, I had so much fun and I thought I'd share it with you all today.

After a rushed morning and the lovely hour long train ride into the city, I headed over to Fed Square where I waited with Angel of Angel Reads for everyone else to turn up. Soon after Michelle of Lovely Girl Reads turned up in her glorious hot pink jacket, which totally saved us all from getting lost. We did the usual awkward sitting around in a circle thing until we decided it was time to start book shopping.

We started at Dymocks, of course. Instantly we all gravitated to the YA section and started pulling out books and fangirling about them and well as trying to desperately choose which books we really needed. I think we spent a good 45 minutes in there, most of us picked up only one or two books except for Miranda of BooKss101 who picked up about five. Miranda was already in the lead for the most amount of books, and spoiler alert, she remained ahead for the rest of the day. While we all waited for people to be finished buying their books, Miranda took a few photos and some videos too.

Ebony of Paperback & Protagonists, Miranda,  Me, Neisha of Cheeky Books and Michelle (can you see how glorious that jacket is?).

Next we jumped on a tram to Melbourne Central where we had lunch. Ebony, Angel and I sat around together and talked about book reviews, publishers, blogging and upcoming books. Basically, the usual things you talk about with other bloggers and booktubers! We went across to the state library after lunch where they were holding possibly the quietest protest any of us had ever seen. We spent about five minutes in Readings bookstore within the library where we all marvelled over the amazingly big YA section (pictured below).

Angel, Ebony and I looking at the 'massive' YA section. Basically, it was about four shelves that weren't even fully stacked. So yeah, we were all a bit disappointed. This was the only bookstore we managed to escape without someone buying something. On our way out we decided to get a group shot, minus Miranda.

Neisha, Angel, me, Ebony, Caitlin, Michelle, Sabrina, Ashlee, Rou Min, Nicole and Jack.

At the next bookstore, Reader's Feast, we all decided to get another group photo this time with Miranda expertly fitting her way into it.

Miranda (#winning), Ebony, me, Nicole, Michelle, Neisha, Jack, Ashlee, Sabrina, Angel, Rou Min and Caitlin.

Next we headed towards Hill of Content, though we got slightly distracted by a $10 bookstore on our way there. We eventually made it there and fangirled over the books again, and cried over the expensive but beautiful hardcovers that were there. Between these bookshelves I discovered that Nicole and I go to the same university and do the same course (though different years) and that Miranda lives about five minutes away from me. Needless to say, we will be collabing in the near future.

Next we headed down to City Basement Books, only to find that they weren't even open. We decided to move onto Minotaur, despite that fact the only sell Sci Fi and Fantasy books. I lied before, we made it out of this store without anyone buying anything too. Despite the fact we didn't even consider buying anything, Ebony and I took the longest to get out of this store because we spent far too much time freaking out about the prices of every book we picked off the shelves. Finally we made it out of there and we all decided to head back to Dymocks again.

Eventually, people started to leave- first Sabrina and Ashlee, then Neisha and Jack. After everyone who was still there finished buying their books, we started to make our way back to Flinders Street. Angel and Rou Min went off their own way home, and then it was only the six of us left. Ebony and I got this cute selfie together, and then we all had to say goodbye to get on our different lines home.

I had a seriously amazing time with these girls (and guy!). Despite the fact we've only been talking on Goodreads and Twitter for a little while, I felt like we'd all be friends for ages. It was a really, really great day! If you live in Melbourne too, you should come hang out with us next month. I'll be doing a book haul on the eight books I got on Saturday, so that should be up sometime this week. Finally, I want to thank Miranda and Michelle for organising this day and for everyone who came along and made the day amazing.


  1. I'm so glad you guys all had so much fun! I wish I could've come but it's so far away. One day, we'll all meet somehow. :D If we can round up enough bookish people, it'd be so much fun to have one of these in Sydney as well!

    1. Funny you mention that Laura...a couple of us are hoping to fly up to Sydney in August for Book Expo Australia. We're hoping to have a meet up there!

      x Ely

  2. Such a great post, Ely! I'm glad you had an amazing time - I did too. Hopefully Chami is able to attend the next one as well. :)