30 Dec 2014


In June this year, I made this post called Book Shame in which I picked out eight books I hadn’t read yet from my TBR shelf and talked about them. I was supposed to do this every week, but I didn’t make it past that first post. Since 2015 is literally just around the corner, I thought I’d bring this back to life but I’d make it better.

From now on, I’ll be doing this post once a month and I’ll pick out four books from my TBR jar and talk about them. I’ll also be challenging myself to read those four books before my next post. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
I read the first little bit of this in September/October, so I’m looking forward to finally finishing this off.

2. The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler
I bought this one in the Boxing Day sales last year because it sounded interesting. I’m trying to read more crime/mystery novels in 2015 so this should be good.

3. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
I bought this one when it first came out, but I haven’t picked it up or even thought about it since then. I’ve heard some pretty good things about this, and it’s about dragons so that sounds awesome.

4. House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
This is something Sherlock related, I can’t exactly remember if it’s a continuation of the original or a modern adaptation but it’s Sherlock so who really cares? The sequel of this, Moriarty, just came out and it’s gorgeous so I really, really want to buy it!

So those are the ones I picked out. Wish me luck!

29 Dec 2014


Hey everyone!

So recently I posted a video on my book tube channel called, "The Christmas Song Book Tag". I know that it is well after Christmas but we all know Christmas is always. Always and forever. At least, we wish it was!

Hope you enjoy!

26 Dec 2014

Cover Comparison - Northanger Abbey

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Welcome back to yet another cover comparison done by the wonderful Ebony and I. Today we're doing Northanger Abbey here, and over on Ebony's blog we're looking at covers for The Raven Boys. Let's get started.

English Library
Ebony: This is probably one of my least favourite of these editions...I'm not a big fan of pink, and while this shade isn't too bad, it's just too girly for a classic...those colours aren't "classic" colours in my eyes.
Ely: I do think the pink is a little too bright for my liking, but I really, really love the pattern of the keys. I don’t know why, but I have this thing for keys on covers.

Ebony: Ooh! I've never seen this edition before - I like it! I love the simplicity of it and the font that "Jane" is written in.
Ely: This one is pretty, but I don’t know if it’s one I would actually buy though.

Little Books
Ebony: I really like the overall look of this cover, but I don't think it really suits the story...I could be mistaken though, as I haven't read Northanger Abbey yet.
Ely: I’ve seen this one in real life before, and it’s actually pretty nice. I’m not too fussed on the colours, except for the blue, but the text is amazing.

Penguin Edition
Ebony: This one is okay. It's simple, which I usually like and has a cute little illustration...I can't help feeling bored, however.
Ely: This one is cute, but the illustration looks a little strange to me. I really love the bright blue bow, but I think that’s probably all.

Random House
Ebony: I really like these editions! They're so cute! This is probably my least favourite of this edition as well, though. I just love all of the colours used in the other ones!
Ely: I am in love with these editions – they are just gorgeous! This isn’t my favourite one out of all of them, but I still really like it.

Signet Classics
Ebony: Purple is my favourite colour. So I should love this one. However, I do not. I don't know what it is, I'm just not a big fan of this one.
Ely: I love the shade of purple of this one and the text, but that’s it. I don’t know, there’s something weird about this.

Final thoughts
Ebony: This is hard...I actually feel similar about so many of these. There's not any that really stand out to me. I think I'd have to say that the Headline edition is my favourite, followed by the Little Books edition and finally the Random House edition.
Ely: Hm…it’s hard to pick favourites here! I think I’d have to say the Random House edition is my favourite, then the Little Books edition and then maybe the Headline edition. I don’t know!

25 Dec 2014


Every Book Lover has been through it once. It’s painful, heart wrenching, agonizing and pretty much all synonyms for something that really really hurts.

ACCORDING TO URBAN DICTIONARY, the definition of Book Mourning is:

When you finish a really good book or tv show or whatever and you feel all empty and achy and sad. Usually these feelings are followed by large consumptions of food, sleeping all day and just being all around depressed.

That is the truest thing I’ve heard all day.

No need to fear, abooksofathomless has got your back! If you happen to obtain any of the above symptoms, follow the steps below as soon as possible to limit damage done to others and specifically self.

First things first, change into something comfortable. Pajamas, onesies and even nudity are acceptable forms of comfortable, depending on location. You know you are not going to be moving for days so you might as well get comfortable.

My guess is that you’ve already situated yourself in a place of isolation. Perhaps the lounge room, your room or even the fridge. Good. 

We are now ready to introduce the items that are inside the Emergency Book Mourning Kit.


BOOKS: If your lucky enough to not be in a reading slump, read to take your mind off the death of a series, standalone or tv show. Perhaps, an all time favorite reread or maybe something cute by Stephanie Perkins or Rainbow Rowell? Cute defeats book mourn. Remember that.

MUSIC: Here again, we want to avoid those really depressing rip your heart out songs that make you go, “Oh, that reminds me of the book I am currently mourning. How about we mourn some more?” No. STOP RIGHT THERE. Mhm. We are going to get past this together. If you are mourning the end of a bookish couple, Taylor Swift just won’t be for you. Just, stay away from the, “That song is consuming my soul”, kind of music.

FOOD: I recommend all food, but more specifically, comfort food. You need comforting. Comfort food is comforting as it is comfort food. Ice cream is comfort food. Chocolate is comfort food. You could eat people if you find comfort in that, but I don’t think that’s morally acceptable. Just eat. Trust me on this one.

    TISSUES: To mop up the river of tears cried by you.

    BUCKET: For when you run out of tissues.

A   DAM: To empty out all the buckets in. Or an ocean. You could get an ocean. I’ve always wanted an ocean. But I do think a dam is more obtainable. 

    BLANKET AND PILLOW: Self explanatory.

If you know someone who is suffering through this horrible period of life, send them to this blogpost/ video.  Not all these tips and tricks will work, but if one sticks with you, that’s good enough. Go forth, my friends.

Comment down below on what book has sent you into a mourning period.

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec 2014

REVIEW: Masquerade by Kylie Fornasier

Title: Masquerade
Author: Kylie Fornasier
Genre: Young Adult, Historical.
Publication Date: July 23rd 2014
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304

Rating: 4/5

It's the Carnevale of 1750 and Venice's ballrooms, theatres, palazzos and squares are filled with delicious gossip, devilish fun and dangerous games. In this glittering masked world, everyone has a secret...

Set in an age of decadence made famous by Casanova, Masquerade uncovers the secrets of seven teens, from the highest aristocrat to the lowest servant – their dreams, desires, loves, loyalties ... and betrayals.

All the world's a stage. Let the show begin.

I first heard about Masquerade at PTA Live (Penguin Teen Australia) earlier this year. Not only did I love the cover – purple is my favourite colour, but the story sounded amazing. Granted, it took me a little while to actually get to this (those damn book buying bans!) but I’m so glad I did.

I’ve only ever read one other book set in Renaissance Venice, which was Venom – the stories are pretty different, but I have to say I think I actually liked Masquerade a little more. The book follows a few different characters – Veronica and Angelique who are complete opposites of each other despite being sister, Bastian, a sort of Venetian bad boy if you will, Claudia who is desperate to escape from her mother, her brother Marco, Anna, a maid with a talent for singing and a few secrets of her own and finally, Orelia, a recently orphaned girl who has just moved to Venice. I liked each of the characters – I admit, it took me a while to love to a couple of them but my favourite was definitely Orelia. I personally found Orelia’s story the most interesting and I could relate to her more than the others.

The setting is amazing – I cannot even begin to fathom how much research Kylie would have put into this book. I know that she did travel to Venice to research this, and you can definitely tell that she knows what she’s talking about. This is one of those books that really pulls you into the world with its writing – I honestly felt like I was going along in a gondola beside Orelia. I also want to mention that the way Kylie writes makes it feel very Italian – I don’t really know how else to describe this, but I could just imagine every word being said with an Italian accent.

All in all, I’m definitely glad that I got to Masquerade this year because it is a truly magnificent book. I think you all read it if you haven’t already so you too can bask in its beauty. Also, didn’t you read? Venetian bad boy…what more could you want?

23 Dec 2014

Top Ten Books We Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and you can find more about this meme here.This week is top ten books we wouldn't mind Santa bringing this year. 

1. Hexed by Michelle Krys
I bought this for my lovely friend Ebony for Christmas and now I just want it even more. It's so beautiful!

2. The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer
Gabrielle is a debut Aussie author, so I think that probably speaks volumes for why I want this book. Also, absolutely everyone I know who's read this book loves it to death.

3. Jackaby by William Ritter
This is a total cover want for me - I just think that cover is gorgeous. The actual book itself seems to be right up my alley too.

4. The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan
Sometimes I do actually read things that aren't YA! I know, shocker! Anyway, this is one book that I really, really want but haven't actually found anywhere.

5. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
I have actually already read this one, but recently Ebony and I both bought the hardback of What I Thought Was True so we could buddy read and now I want the hardback of this too so they can look all pretty and matchy on my shelves.

6. Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
Ely absolutely adores this series so how can I not give it a try?

7. The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo
As most of you should know by this blogs obsession with “Shatter Me”, Ely and I adore Warner. People who have read this series on goodreads seemed to recommend this series for Shatter Me fans and gosh, how can I resist?

8. Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I’ve honestly heard so much love for this series and I feel like I’m missing out. I really want to see what all the hype is about! The only thing that is stopping me right now from reading this series is how long it is. I feel like I would have to give it my heart for a bit and there are so many other books I want to read.

9. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
I don’t usually read too many mystery books even though I think I would enjoy them if they didn’t so easily disappoint me most of the time. I guess this is my way of saying, “Mystery books, come right at me!” I need something newish to try.

10. The Murder Complex (The Murder Complex, #1) by Lindsay Cummings

Gosh, I really want to read this one so badly! The description of the series looks fantastic and so my type and I just need it! *grabby hands*