19 Jun 2014

TV REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars 5x02

Welcome back! I hope you've all had a magnificent week. Let's talk some Pretty Little Liars. Firstly, if you haven't already, go check out my review for episode 1 here. Secondly, remember- they are spoilers below so read on at your own risk!


ARIA: I mentioned this last time too, but damn- Aria is amazing right now. It’s interesting to see how she’s reacted to killing Shana, and I think that’s been written/acted really well in this episode. You can see how freaked out she is and she has one line that says something along the lines ‘I don’t how I’m going to be able to live with that’. I just thought that was incredibly realistic. 

ALI: I really love that Ali hasn’t slipped back into the bitch that she used to be yet. It’s nice to see the weaker side of her. That being said, how she acted at the end of the episode struck me as odd, but I talk about that further down.

MIKE/MONA: No. Just no. I like Mike, and I don’t hate Mona either (I get her bitchy attitude) but I really don’t like these two together. It’s really weird to me.

JASON: What even is this? The writers of this show really can’t decide whether Jason is good or not, or anyone else for that matter. I get why they do this, but this whole Jason being in New York and that ‘friend’ he had to deliver things to…it makes no sense to me.

THE ENDING: I liked how Ali’s mum’s body was discovered, it was different to all the others but it was kinda weird. I liked all the police taking pictures and questioning people and whatnot (finally, the police are actually allowed to do something right!) but Ali standing there all mysteriously with her hood up and staring blankly was odd. Are we supposed to believe that maybe Ali had something to do with this?

So this definitely wasn’t my favourite episode. I feel like the season is off to a really slow start? But it’s also got me wondering whether I’m just being more critical than usual. What do you all think of the season so far? And, do you have any theories (crazy, or otherwise) about the rest of the season? 

Make sure to let me know what you think in the comments, including any requests for other tv show reviews. I'll see you all next week!