7 Jun 2014

DISCUSSION: Unfinished Series

Last month, I did a post about books I'd started that I haven't finished yet, and so I decided this month I'd talk about some series that I have yet to finish and want to continue.

1. Legend trilogy by Marie Lu
So originally, I had a good reason why I hadn't finished this series yet- I didn't own the second or third books and I was on a book buying ban (sort of). But now, I own all both Prodigy and Champion, so it's about time I actually finished this series! Because if Ely didn't finish this series she sure would be murdered by Chami. SURELY.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan
I know I'm probably going to have things thrown at me for a lot of these series, but no- I haven't finished this yet! I only started this series in December last year, but I'm already on the fourth book. I've already started the fourth one too, so I should really get around to finishing the last two books.

3. Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand
I did that incredibly reckless thing where I bought the entire trilogy before I read the first book...Do I regret it? With this series, NO. Do I wish I had more time to read the next two books?

4. Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness
I kind of have another excuse for this one- I had to return the third book to the library before I had the chance to finish it. I admit, if there hadn't have been a fine, I would have kept this book until I finished it.

5. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
Okay, basically the same deal as Legend. I borrowed Cinder from the library- loved it, then Chami 'gave' me Scarlett for Christmas (I basically stole it from her bookshelves) and then I went out and bought both Cinder and Cress. So remind me, why haven't I gotten to this yet? And Chami...

It's okay babe, anyday - Chami.

6. Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis
I can hear Chami laughing through the computer screen. You know how much I love this series, and how much I danced around after I got my copy of  Shades of Earth- I can see you shaking your head at me. I HAVE A PROBLEM, YOU KNOW THIS CHAMI. Please save me. The thing is, I can't deal. I don't want this series to be over. WAIT, YOU LOVE THIS SERIES? YOU ARE DISOWNED. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't handle this series. Too much for the chamanter. 

7. The Study series by Maria V. Snyder
The first book, Poison Study, killed me. It just killed me. And then I ranted to Chami about how amazing this book was and now I haven't even continued the series...

CHAMI WANTS TO READ THIS SERIES SO BAD. (Plus, ely just rants about everything.)

8. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Ah, Yeah. Fix this - Chami

9. Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent
I'm really, really lazy guys. That's my only reason for this series ALL SERIES. Well, that and there's like 7 books in this series.

I have a feeling this will be like "House of Night," and "Immortal Series" all over again. #Letitgo - Chami.

10. His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman
Buy the whole series...Read the first book...Love it...Be desperate for the next two...Never actually read them...Put them in another room so you don't have to feel guilty about not having read them...Continue to deny their existence...
So yes, that's my little list of series that I haven't finished yet that I want to with Chami's excellent commetary. Maybe I'll do a list about the series I never plan to finish. We shall see! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next time!!


  1. I actually still have yet to finish a lot of these as well so high five! AND YES PLEASE DO FINISH THE POISON STUDY SERIES!

  2. Fantastic post, Ely! The only series I've finished from this list is The Hunger Games and Chaos Walking. I actually have only started Legend (only have Champion to go), and Percy Jackson and the Olympians (I read the first book when I was in grade 6, loved it and STILL haven't continued on with it - even though it's big in the booktubing/blogging community!!! I don't know what's wrong with me.) I've also read half of Cinder, but I couldn't get into it, so I have to give it another try one day. I WANT TO READ ALL OF THE OTHER SERIES YOU MENTIONED BUT THERE'S NOT TIME. I wish we could just pause life, get caught up with reading and then continue on with life, because that would be awesome!

  3. Ohmygosh you NEED to finish the Legend books! Champion is one of my all time favourite books in the UNIVERSE and one of the only books in my entire life to have made me cry (that bodes well, doesn't it, hah!). So GO GO READ READ. It's seriously amazing and fantastic and just GAH!
    I was gifted the Chaos Walking trilogy for my birthday from the lovely Asti @ Oh! The Books :D I haven't read any of them, so I am really excited about starting them - apparently they are fantastic.
    I LURVED Cinder and Scarlet, but I never got around to reading Cress *ducks head* Even though I really want to.
    I read the Across the Universe when it first came out, and I really liked it, but also thought it was a standalone until last year, so I guess that's my excuse for not having finished it yet, haha.
    THE STUDY SERIES!!! Okay technically, it's not finished any more (which is pretty much the best news I have ever gotten ever), so you're okay with this one. But still. READ READ READ.
    And yeah The Hunger Games is pretty good, but the first book was best in my opinion. :D