12 Jun 2014

TV REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars 5x01

We’ve decided to broaden our horizons a little here, and so we’ve decided to do some reviewing of TV shows. One of my guilty pleasures is Pretty Little Liars, and since season five has just started up, I thought it was a great one to start with. 


 Yes, I have been waiting a very long time to use my collection of River Song spoiler GIFs.


ARIA: I’ve always loved Aria- she’s my absolute favourite character out of the entire show, in fact Lucy Hale was the reason I started the shown in the first place. I think she’s usually quite the strong character so it’s been good to see her be a little less in control. 

THE DIVISION BETWEEN THE GIRLS: Is it horrible for me to say that I like that the girls didn’t instantly fall back into BFF territory? There’s this awkwardness between them that you experience when you meet up with someone you used to be friends with after a long time. I really like how this was done.

THE PEOPLE IN BLACK HOODIE AND MASKS ROUNDUP: I didn’t know what else to call this bit, but I’m sure you know what I’m referring to. I thought that was amazing, seriously guys- A’s pretty damn resourceful if they can get that many people to dress up and be creepy. 


MONA: Are you good or are you bad? I don’t really care, just make up your mind! Though I admit, I do love your dramatics.

POLICE: Can we just talk about how this show portrays police? They’re either manipulative or really, really stupid. Surely the forensics are good enough to find out who the girl is Alison’s grave is…

THE HASTINGS: This family is seriously screwed up. So Melissa’s back and is being all mysterious which is fine, but why is Mr Hastings so weird? Plus that scene in the kitchen with the alcohol is weird, and really unnecessary. 

EZRA/ALISON: Words cannot describe how much I hate these flashback scenes. I loved Ezra/Aria, so I just can’t deal with these two. Besides, there’s something really uncomfortable about these scenes.

SHANA: What was that? Really? I know we’ve had our little ‘Shana is suspicious’ moments, but that still felt a bit out of the blue to me. 

I don’t know if I liked this episode or not. It kind of felt like a final episode of a series than a season opener. I’ve gotten so used to cliffhangers with this show that I didn’t expect for it to not end on one. Obviously, this whole A thing isn’t over but I’m interested to see where the show is going to go from here…

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this post and I'll see you next week for episode 2. If you've got any requests for other shows, let us know in the comments!