24 Jun 2014

Ten Book Cover Trends I Like/Dislike

 Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and you can find more about this meme here. This week is the top ten book cover trends I like/dislike. I could only come up with seven for this week, but let's get right into it!

 1. Objects/Symbols on covers
I know a lot of people aren't into people on covers and some publishers seem to have taken note of this. There's been a influx of objects or symbols on covers like the ones above. I think this can be a hit or miss situation. For example, I love the Never Fade cover but The Hollow isn't as well done.

 2. Typography
I looooove typography of covers. TFiOS seemed to start the trend, but more and more covers are starting to be mostly text-based. I love them!

 3. Girls swimming/drowning
This ones another very popular one. I don't love or hate this trend, but I think it really depends on the design. For example, I love The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer cover. When I was looking this up I couldn't help but notice all the girls are in white/cream dresses, except for The Unquiet, and they have all have blue/green undertones except The Willows Haven. A trend within a trend?

 4. Beheaded
Apparently Henry VII is coming back from the dead because all these book covers have their heads chopped off! I'm not a fan of this tend to be honest, though that The Story of Us cover is beautiful!

5. Couples
So you usually only find these ones of cute summery contemporaries, like always the ones I've picked out. Does it make you guys feel incredibly alone, or is that just me?

6. Close ups
It's all about the eyes, the lips and the..feet (apparently). Besides, you didn't all think I could get through a whole post without mentioning Ignite Me, did you?

7. The girls in the dresses
Perhaps the biggest trend in YA covers of all time. The pretty dress. I'm not going to lie, I often pick up books because of the pretty dresses on the front but it's probably time to move on, right?

What I'd like to see more of
Since I couldn't come up with any more I thought I'd include a little section here about some of the things I'd like to see in covers. More typography, bold colours- oranges, yellows, bright green etc. both on the covers themselves and on the spines, less headless people (it's really weird) and less red and TFiOS blue.

There just my opinions, feel free to share your own! Thanks for reading and we'll see you all next time.


  1. I also hate the headless covers and couples. It's so boring and overdone, and makes me NOT want to read a book. It wouldn't kill the cover artist or publisher to use something beyond the 4-5 current trends!

    My TTT

    1. EXACTLY! Why can't we see some more unique covers?

      x Ely

  2. HEADLESS PEOPLE. The headless people are the worst. Even more so when it's a lovey dovey couple and they're both headless!! Bizarre... The drowning/swimming trend is pretty weird too. "Here, read this book where people may or may not die. FUN FOR ALL!!" Er, pass...

    1. I don't get them, I really don't. It's not that hard to include a head into a cover, or just avoid people all together! Don't give me half-people. In some books in makes sense, basically mermaid books, but otherwise it's very weird especially when the book makes no mention to water/oceans etc. at all.

      x Ely

  3. YES! More typography! Less headless people!
    I agree that the Hollows cover was a miss, some symbolic ones are done really well but it depends.
    Great list, really enjoyed reading.
    aimes @ What Aimee Read Next

  4. Well, hey, I prefer close ups on eyeballs to say...noses. Ugh, that would be seriously awkward. I quite like the awesome typography or word art. TFIOS anyone?!! YES PLEASE. And also stuff like Gone or Fire and Flood. x) So much awesome there!
    My TTT!

  5. I could do without couples, close-ups, and swimming/drowning girls tbh. I do love a good typography or object/symbol cover though! Great list!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  6. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I don't usually pick up books that have girls in dresses. AND YES I don't like headless people either! And although I do like the "drowning" ones, I think YA needs to move on from all these trends. There should definitely be more typography :D

  7. I'm such a fan of the objects or symbols on covers, it's intriguing but it has to relate to a pivotal point in the storyline, or it ends up making little sense. I'm a sucker for a clean font and dreamlike whimsy to covers, especially watercolours. Loving all these cover breakdowns. Thanks for sharing <3