26 Jun 2014

TV REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars 5x03

WOO, another episode of Pretty Little Liars has aired which means it time for my review! You can see my reviews here of episode 1 and 2 of this season. Again, beware of the SPOILERS below!


THE DRESS: I know this is only a little thing, but I loved the fact Ali wore one of her mum’s dresses to her funeral because she wanted to feel close to her. I just thought that was such a nice touch.

HANNA: Next to Aria, Hanna has always been my favourite character. This episode though, I adored how Hanna was portrayed. I especially loved the flashbacks, because I think they gave her this new depth. I especially love how she’s decided to be herself again.

FRIENDSHIP: Okay, the next two points are connected. Firstly, I love the friendship between the four girls. It wasn’t as present in the first two episodes because everything’s been about Ali, but I loved seeing Hanna protect Aria against Mona, Emily and Hanna’s talk in the car and Spencer and Aria’s talk at her house. I think it’s really showing positive friendships, which is very important.

DIVISION: I also like (still) that the girls are still that little bit distant from Ali. I especially like the uncomfortable feeling between Ali and Aria. I don’t know why, but I do.

EZRA: I do love Ezra in general, but I think my favourite thing about his part in this episode was the fact he actual looked like he was recovering from being shot. Remember that one time Hanna got hit by a car and still looked perfect? Not with Ezra! He needs a walking cane and actually looks like he’s in pain (that rhyme was not intentional).


ALI: I had to add this new section just for these two because I couldn’t put them in the good or the bad. There’s something off about Ali, I don’t know. I love how Sasha plays her, but I really, really don’t trust her with anything.

JASON: He was cleared awfully quickly wasn’t he? Usually it takes like an entire season for the girls to decide someone isn’t in the wrong, so this is new. I’m sure he’ll be back and will be all suspicious again.


THE HASTINGS: Why do the writers of this show have this obsession with adults being all suspicious? I just don’t understand why Spencer’s father would want to hurt Ali, while she might have been a super bitch at the end of the day, she’s just a teenager. Plus, what’s this secret between Melissa and her dad?

NEW GIRL: What is happening here? I suspect she’s going to have something to do with Emily or Paige, but was I the only one slightly creeped out by this new girl? I don’t know, she just seems weird to me.

THE ENDING: So I love the fact that Hanna’s changing and has decided she needs to be her real self again- that’s amazing. But I don’t get that whole frosted glass scene thing. What does that have to do with anything?

I’ve kind of been disappointed with every final few minutes of the episodes so far. I’m not quite used to the endings not being all creepy but exciting and whatnot. I do really, really love seeing all four girls develop even more but I don’t know how I feel about Ali yet. I have to say, the promo trailer for next episode does look very exciting!

I'll see you all next week!