12 Aug 2013

National Bookshop Day Adventures

The 10th of August, was National Bookshop Day here in Australia and to celebrate Dymocks in Melbourne was hosting an event. When it comes to author events, Dymocks is the place to go. There were going to be medieval swordfights, craft activities, cosplayers and most importantly- author signings and free books. As all my bookloving friends were busy, I convinced my mum to come in with me.

Mum and I had already spent a good half an hour looking through the bookstore- picking up three free books, the ones belonging to the authors and a few random ones. At 11:15 or so, the first author arrived- Jennifer Kloester and begun her time as celebrity cashier. She rang up my copy of her new (and first) YA book- 'The Cinderella Moment' and then signed it for me- telling me that my way of spelling 'Ely' was incredibly pretty. And of course, we got one of the other cashiers to take a picture for us. Jennifer was honestly, so so lovely and I'm very excited to read her book!

Next, we met Max Barry- author of Jennifer Government, Syrup etc. We bought his brand new book, 'Lexicon' which is set in Australia and features a mysterious organisation who have powers with words. We had a little bonding session over the fact that we both studied Literature in High School and the fact that I wanted to write, then of course- it was signing and picture time. Just like Jennifer, Max was so nice and both mum and I are really looking forward to his book.

And finally, we met Jay Kristoff- author of YA book 'Stormdancer' which is the first book in the 'Lotus War' series, the second book 'Kingslayer' is due out in September this year.

As I mentioned in the little introduction thing- there were many cosplayers at this event. There were lots of Star Wars, some medieval knights and ladies, Disney princesses, two Batman's (which was a little awkward for them) and of course, my favourite- Doctor Who.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. I will be doing a proper Book Haul of all the books I got very soon so look out for that if you're interested in seeing what I got. And of course, reviews of the books will be up sometime soon as well.