25 Dec 2014


Every Book Lover has been through it once. It’s painful, heart wrenching, agonizing and pretty much all synonyms for something that really really hurts.

ACCORDING TO URBAN DICTIONARY, the definition of Book Mourning is:

When you finish a really good book or tv show or whatever and you feel all empty and achy and sad. Usually these feelings are followed by large consumptions of food, sleeping all day and just being all around depressed.

That is the truest thing I’ve heard all day.

No need to fear, abooksofathomless has got your back! If you happen to obtain any of the above symptoms, follow the steps below as soon as possible to limit damage done to others and specifically self.

First things first, change into something comfortable. Pajamas, onesies and even nudity are acceptable forms of comfortable, depending on location. You know you are not going to be moving for days so you might as well get comfortable.

My guess is that you’ve already situated yourself in a place of isolation. Perhaps the lounge room, your room or even the fridge. Good. 

We are now ready to introduce the items that are inside the Emergency Book Mourning Kit.


BOOKS: If your lucky enough to not be in a reading slump, read to take your mind off the death of a series, standalone or tv show. Perhaps, an all time favorite reread or maybe something cute by Stephanie Perkins or Rainbow Rowell? Cute defeats book mourn. Remember that.

MUSIC: Here again, we want to avoid those really depressing rip your heart out songs that make you go, “Oh, that reminds me of the book I am currently mourning. How about we mourn some more?” No. STOP RIGHT THERE. Mhm. We are going to get past this together. If you are mourning the end of a bookish couple, Taylor Swift just won’t be for you. Just, stay away from the, “That song is consuming my soul”, kind of music.

FOOD: I recommend all food, but more specifically, comfort food. You need comforting. Comfort food is comforting as it is comfort food. Ice cream is comfort food. Chocolate is comfort food. You could eat people if you find comfort in that, but I don’t think that’s morally acceptable. Just eat. Trust me on this one.

    TISSUES: To mop up the river of tears cried by you.

    BUCKET: For when you run out of tissues.

A   DAM: To empty out all the buckets in. Or an ocean. You could get an ocean. I’ve always wanted an ocean. But I do think a dam is more obtainable. 

    BLANKET AND PILLOW: Self explanatory.

If you know someone who is suffering through this horrible period of life, send them to this blogpost/ video.  Not all these tips and tricks will work, but if one sticks with you, that’s good enough. Go forth, my friends.

Comment down below on what book has sent you into a mourning period.