6 Dec 2014

Fathomless Females - 2015 Women Writers Feature

Next year is the year of doing big and exciting things here on A Book So Fathomless. We’ve got so many exciting things planned and I can’t wait for you all to see them! One of these exciting things is a new fortnightly feature we’ll be running next year called Fathomless Females. (Thank you our lovely friend, Eva Pohler for the name.)

As you can probably guess, it’s all about featuring female authors from all over the world, in all different genres, whether they’re self-published or are still waiting to be published. The only requirement is that you’re a female and that you write!

So every fortnight throughout 2015, we’ll be featuring a different female author. There will be guest posts, giveaways, interviews and all sorts of other fun stuff. There’s only 26 spots open, ten of which have already been taken so if you’re interested, make sure to sign up quickly!

I hope to see some of you signing up soon :)