25 Jun 2015

Some England Pictures, Part One

I promised that weirdo Val some pictures of my trip to England, and since she's seen the picture of my floor that I promised her, I thought it was time to share some real photos with the rest of you. (She doesn't deserve them since she has ARCs of Passenger and The Rest of Us Just Live Here *grumbles*) I warn you, it's mostly countryside right now but that'll change verrrry soon.

 This is Jamaica Inn—an English pub, and also the setting of one of my favourite books ever...Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier.

 One of my cousins' bookshelves that I'm not jealous of at all.

 A pretty beach. Also, look at that very non-English weather!

 Daphne du Maurier's house. I AM CALM. YOU'RE NOT CALM.

 This town was rebuilt ten years ago after a really bad flood in which they lost most of the buildings and pretty much everyone's car.

This is Doc Martin's house. I personally hate the show, but my dad's a big fan so he needed photos.
This is me and my new best friend, Molly. Oh, and there's a pretty bridge in the background.

So there you go—a few pictures of my trip so far. I won't be doing posts like this very often because a lot of the photos I'll be taking in the next month and going to be personal ones (family, basically) but I hope you enjoyed this!