2 Jun 2015

May Wrap-Up: A Mixed Bag

Ah, May—well, you turned out to be an interesting month, didn't you?

Guess who was really, really lazy this month and couldn't be bothered to save each book cover individually? Ely. The answer is always Ely. So yes, 21 books this month. Two of which were DNF's...it wasn't the best month. 

I kind of suck at challenges guys...

I've been so busy with Uni that I've barely had the time to sleep, let alone watch TV. I did however get to see Pitch Perfect 2 for a special event which was great!

I managed to upload a few videos in May... I had my April Book Haul, May TBR, a RYBSAT TBR/Unboxing, my RYBSAT Wrap Up and finally, Part One of my May Book Haul. I also hit 200 subscribers, which is just crazy and I'm not entirely sure how it happened.

We had a very busy month here on the blog and already June is shaping up to be even crazier! I shared my first ever writing snippet here on the blog—thank you to the very lovely Val who convinced me to do that. I reviewed The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and talked about my Classics Club TBR. I also introduced my new series about Writing Resources, the first post of which will be released verrry soon.

May started off on a high for me. I spent the first three days at a country book festival with two of my besets friends—Michelle and Miranda. These two are honestly some of the best people I've ever met and we had a great weekend full of lots of laughing and food. There were some kind of sucky times in the rest of the month. It was my first Mother's Day without my mum, so that was really weird. I have some really great friends who sent me some lovely messages that day that just warmed my heart. I also got to hang out with Michelle again and we need some more book/comic shopping and well, eating. We really like food. 

I got a piece of writing workshopped for the first time in my Writing unit. I don't really share my writing a lot, so I was kind of nervous. Everyone was super nice and they all seemed to like it which was amazing. That same day I got to have a really nice chat with my lovely friend Rachel. Rach is a reasonably new blogger but we've been friends for something like four or five years (?). She actually used to beta the story that has now turned into Tied Together. Anyway, she's possibly the loveliest person I know and we always have a great chat about books and writing. Have I convinced you to go check out her blog yet?

It was also my mum's birthday at the end of the month, and it would have marked one year since she got diagnosed with cancer. I really tried to stay positive because that's what mum taught me, but yeah—it was tough. I'm sorry if you are sick of hearing about this, I just think it's important to show that sometimes this isn't easy. 

Moving on to more happy things! On Sunday, I went to Reading Matters/YA Matters/Writing Matters/Everything Matters with Michelle, Miranda and Chami. We also met up with Tash and Becca for the first time, who by the way, are both absolutely lovely people. Anyway, we listened to some awesome authors talk, went book shopping and Michelle and I met LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON. There will be recap of the event soon, but just quickly—she is honestly one of the nicest authors I've ever met.