18 Jun 2015

My Ten Most Read Authors

I mentioned in my post the other day about authors I want to read more of, that I’d be doing this post. I’m talking about my most read authors today. In fact, I’m updating you on my most read authors. I did a post on this last July, and I thought today would be a good time to redo it.

I’m doing it a little differently this year. I’m only focusing on my top 10 most read authors, rather than listing all of them. Some of these haven’t really changed, but others have…let’s move on anyway.

Firstly, drawn for number 10/9 are Rick Riordan and Maggie Stiefvater with seven books. I’m sure most of you understand their amazingness. My favourite Riordan so far is Son of Neptune, and my favourite Stiefvater is The Dream Thieves. I haven’t finished either series so no spoilers please!

Next, we have James Patterson with eight books. As I mentioned in the last post, I’m not a fan of James Patterson anymore. In fact, I really dislike him so he’s never going to go up on this list.

With nine books each we have Maureen Johnson and Cassandra Clare. Like Patterson, I’m no longer a fan of Cassandra Clare but I absolutely adore everything that Maureen Johnson touches. I’m working on reading every single one of her books. I think my favourite MJ is The Madness Underneath because FEELS.

With ten books, there’s two of my favourite childhood authors—Jacqueline Wilson and J.K Rowling. I loved HP obviously, but I couldn’t pick a favourite between Prisoner of Azkaban and Deathly Hallows. I can’t even remember my favourite Jacqueline Wilson.

Now onto the top three! With eleven books there is the wonderful Richelle Mead. I’m not sure if I could pick a favourite because I loved the entire Vampire Academy series. I’m also very very excited for Soundless.

Number two…why, it’s Agatha Christie of course! I’ve read 12 Christie’s so far and the only reason I haven’t read more is because I’m scared of a world where I have no new Christie to experience.

My number one should surprise no one. It’s Lemony Snicket! Snicket is kind of my bae and he will always hold this incredibly special place in my heart that no writer will ever replace. I’ve read 15 of his books and I will read anything he puts out under this name.