22 Jun 2015

Authors I Want To Discover

If you’ve read any of my posts in the last week or so, you’ll know that I’m currently staying at my great aunts house. My great aunt and my cousin (whose childhood room I am now occupying) are massive readers which is great. Suddenly I have access to lots of books that I’ve never had before.

It’s kind of the best thing ever.

Because of that, I’ve decided to make a short list of authors I really want to get to this summer. Obviously, there are so many that I want to read so I just picked out a few today. I made a similar list the other day about authors I want to read more of, but this one is just focusing on authors I’ve never read before.

Jonathan Safran Foer
By the time this post goes up, I may have already gotten to this. My cousin, Naomi, has copies of both Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Everything is Illuminated—both of which I’ve wanted to read for ages. I’m hoping to have read EI&IC a few days ago.

Tess Gerritsen
I’m a massive fan of the TV show Rizzoli and Isles, and this is the author of those books. My aunt has leant me the first two books, warned me they’re very different to the show and basically wished me good luck. We’ll see how this goes.

Gabriel García Márquez
My cousin seems to have a bit of an obsession with South American literature, which I am totally okay with. I’ve been meaning to read some Gabriel García Márquez for ages, and Naomi seems to own all of them so there’s no better time than now.

Junot Díaz
See above comment. Again, I’m not entirely sure which ones Naomi owns but I’ve seen his name pop out on the spines of books a few times. I have no idea what any of his books are about, but I’m interested anyway.

Charles Bukowski
This is another one Naomi owns a few from. I’ve wanted to read some Bukowski for ages, but I’ve just never picked anything of his up. I think I’m going to start with Ham on Rye, which I’ve heard lots of great things about.

Essie Fox
So neither my aunt nor cousin own any Essie Fox, but my lovely friend Lori of Books o’ the Wisp read Elijah’s Mermaids a few months back and loved it—Essie Fox has been on my radar ever since.

So those are some of the new to me authors I’m hoping to get to this summer. What are authors do you want to discover this year?