23 Jun 2015

Four of My Favourite Bookish People

I've been really slow on the reading lately so I don't have any reviews or discussions to share with you all. I'm working on that so hopefully I'll have a few bookish thoughts soon. Today I thought I'd share a little bit of blogger love. We don't have a blogroll with everyone's pretty buttons because I have no idea how to do that (any help would be much appreciated), but I wanted to share my top four bookish people.

I have three bloggers and one booktuber, and I kind of cheated because I know all of these people personally but I just adore their blogs/videos and I always read every single one of their posts/watch every video. You've probably seen them all mentioned here before, but I just wanted to share them again in case you aren't already following them.

Number one is Michelle of Lovely Girl Reads on YouTube. If you haven't heard of Michelle before then you must be new to this blog because she is one of my best friends ever and she gets mentioned in a lot of my posts and every single one of my Booktube videos. Not only do we have the exact same taste in books, but we also agree on comics, food and people. She's honestly one of the greatest people I've ever met and you should subscribe to her so you can envy her amazing lipstick colours, her bows and her contemporary YA recommendations. (Also, Michelle, I spy you liking videos about cat socks and I know you totally fangirled. I know.)

Secondly, we've got the lovely Rachel of The Very Hungry Bookworm. Rach is a new blogger, but we've been friends for maybe four or five years. Funny story, Rach used to edit a fan fiction of mine and that's how we became friends. She's an absolute sweetheart, and when we get talking about books together, we'll go on for hours and hours.

Thirdly, we've got Lori of Books o' the Wisp. Lori is relatively new to blogging as well, but her blog is actually one of my most visited sites on Safari. She participated in the Bookentine Read-a-thon that Michelle and I hosted in February and I've been following her blog ever since. She generally reads different books than what I do which is why I love her blog so much—she convinces me to look into books that I never would have looked at otherwise. Also, she just started writing posts about her writing and they are the best thing ever.

Last but not least is the lovely Dani of Dani Reviews Things. She's new too, and I found her through Twitter because we are both attending YALC next month. I really like Dani's blog because it's not all book reviews, and it's nice to see something different on my Bloglovin feed. Also, can we appreciate the fact that I am going to get to meet Dani very soon? Meeting bookish people is my favourite thing.

I thought of so many other people I want to talk about, so I'm going to do another post. Maybe even make this a monthly thing. (And if you're reading this, yes Val, you are on that list).