6 Apr 2015


So, If you have been hiding under a rock you might not know that “The Fifth Wave”, by Rick Yancy is becoming an official book to movie franchise!
The official soundtrack for the movie has not been set in stone so really you can’t blame me for trying to predict (or at least hope) the songs that I believe fit perfectly with the book series. I hope you agree with my choices and of course, if you have any ideas for this fan soundtrack, leave them down in the comments below!

Dreaming by Smallpools
-      Come on. If you don’t feel the post apocalyptic escape sensation that is this song, then there is something wrong with you. This song should be the theme to whole series because it totally gives off the feeling that the world is ending and everyone needs to escape. Every single lyric in the song is “The Fifth Wave.”

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
-      I know that The Host has already stole this one but seriously, The Fifth Wave is all about “welcome to the new world”

Vagabond by Misterwives
-      Represents Cassie to me. She’s so alone in the world even though she is “pretending to not feel alone” with all the memories she carries.

Hurricane by Ms Mr
-      Also represents Cassie’s state of mind. She has to kill people without blinking as the world has gotten to the point in which that is necessary. I really can’t say anything more without spoiling the series so I am going to have to leave it at that.

The Last Day On Earth – Kate Miller Heidke
-      Remember in the first book how Cassie was all like, “Oh my god I must be the last person in the world”? Well, this kind of brings back those feelings of the loneliness she felt.

Run by Daughter

-      Run, Cassie, Run. They are on to you.

If you have any other suggestions, leave them down below!