30 Apr 2015

The Creative Problem

A few nights ago I watched this video about good creative tools and after the video had finished, I realised something — I don’t have a creative project.

At least not one I’m actively working on. My creativity lies solely in writing — unfortunately I’m not an artist or a graphic designer (much to my dad’s disgust), but lately I haven’t even been writing.

I’ve been doing so much reading this month that I haven’t done anything else. Obviously, reading is a big part of my life but I feel like I’m drowning under all these books. I considered starting to annotate my books just to get more involved in them, but I’m just not sure.

To put it simply, I feel like I’m going through the motions a bit. June onwards will be big for me, and I’ve convinced myself that once that comes around then I’ll be back to normal. As if, suddenly, I’m going to be able to write once I’m Europe. Maybe that’s true, maybe all I need is a change of scenery, but I know that I’m going to be busy.

So why do I lack the motivation to do something now?

Also, I've been finding it really hard to blog lately. Hence this terrible post.