18 Apr 2014

UPDATE: Penguin Teen Australia Live

So on Monday the 14th, I dragged my lovely friend, Sarah, along to the city after our Uni classes were done for the day for the amazing Penguin Teen Australia Live Melbourne Event. *cue screaming*

So for the first half, I didn't take a lot of photos but I did quite a bit of screaming (especially at that photo...). Felicity talked about some of the books Penguin publishes- like The Fault in Our Stars, Vampire Academy and a bunch of others. She mentioned some of her favourite underrated books, and a few more popular ones while I pointed books to Sarah that I was going to force her to read. There was quite a bit of screaming (because of Richelle Mead, among other things) and some hysterical sobbing (thank you, TFiOS trailer).

Then we had our little break, which for the attendees of PTA Live meant one thing...NIC WHEELER TIME. So those are our pictures with the lovely Nic Wheeler, whom Sarah may be slightly obsessed with since last night...

After that excitement, it was time to return to our seats for a bit more screaming and some more sobbing. Felicity told us about some awesome upcoming books- at which point there was a lot of me entering my 'GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW' stage. These were a couple of my favourites...

Of course, there was an obligatory selfie to be taken at the end of the night before our long trek home!

But of course, the most important thing- the posters/books. I managed to get one of the amazing TFiOS posters which I plan on treasuring for the rest of my life. I'm not going to lie, I've already rubbed it in my brother's face (though he didn't understand the significance of it, at all). Most surprisingly though, I managed to only buy one book (plus the free one). This has got to be a record for me!

 So I bought Prodigy, because I've been eyeing it off ever since I finished Legend back in January. The little present we got was Popular by Maya Van Wagenen, which is totally not my normal 'thing' but I'm going to give it a go as soon as I possibly can.

All in all, PTA Live was amazing. It was my first event like this and I really had a wonderful time. I can't wait until next years event as well as some of those other events Felicity mentioned. If you went on Monday, or to any of the others, what part did you scream/cry the most at?

And finally, a question I'd like to leave you all with that I asked several people at the little book table...How many copies of TFiOS can you own before it's gets weird? Seriously though, how many? *goes back to eyeing off movie cover*