2 Apr 2014

Sequel Spring

So I've decided to participate in Sequel Spring this year. This challenge is held by Words in a Teacup, and you can see the original post here.

The rules
  • This challenge will run from the beginning to the end of spring: March 20th to June 20th 2014.
  • The goal is to read as many sequels as possible.
  • You can join whenever you want and you can read as many (or as few) sequels as you want.
  • A “sequel” is any book that is part of a series, apart from the first one. So prequels and midquels would also count. Anything goes, the only restriction is no standalone novels and no first books in a series.
  • If you start a new series during the challenge period, the second (and third, and fourth…) book in that series will count for Sequel Spring.
  • (NEW) You can read multiple sequels from the same series.For example if you read all 7 Harry Potter books this spring, you can count 6 of them for Sequel Spring (all books minus the first one).
  • (NEW) Books should be at least 50 pages long to count. If you’re reading ebooks, you can check the page count on bookseller sites like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc. Short stories are okay, as long as they’re not too short!
  • Books read for other challenges also count. Audiobooks also count.
  • (NEW) You don’t have to review all the books you read — you can write no reviews at all if you like, this challenge is all about reading. But if you do write reviews of your Sequel Spring books, there will be a linky to collect all reviews in the progress posts.
  • You don’t need a blog to participate. If you’re not a blogger you can link to your Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, Tumblr, Facebook… anything!
  • If you have a blog, it’d be cool if you created a challenge page, or grab a button and link back.
I'm not sure how many sequels I'm going to aim for, but here are a couple I'm planning to read soon...I'll be updating for this through my usual update posts on Thursdays and I'll attempt to write reviews for as many of them as possible.

  1. While We Run by Karen Healey 
  2. Dead Silence by Kimberley Derting
  3. The Warlock's Shadow by Stephen Deas
  4. Monsters Of Men by Patrick Ness