13 Jan 2015

Top 5 Shows We Need to Watch

From now on, we are dubbing Tuesday, Chely Day. What's Chely, you make ask. Well, it's Chami and Ely. Yes, every Tuesday you'll get the privilege of reading a post written by both of us (this has only happened a few times in ABookSoFathomless history.)

Today, we're talking Top 5 shows we need to watch.

1. Game Of Thrones
Absolutely everyone has told me to watch this. EVERYONE. But truly, I am a procrastinator at heart and that is the main reason why I haven't watched this yet. (I haven't watched this either... - Ely.)

2. How to Get Away With Murder.
Much like the previous show, everyone has been loving this apparently. I don't normally watch shows like this but I need to expand what I read in both reading and TV show watching. Also, I'm sure this will give me a few pointers on how to CONTROL THE WORLD. (OMG YES. WATCH THIS. EVERYBODY WATCH THIS. - E)

3. American Horror Story
I've actually watched season 1 of this show already. Well, not really.  I watched all the Tate and Violet scenes and fell in love them after watching a fan video of them on youtube. I should try the rest of the show, right? (I've watched one season of this...season 3. Those Tate and Violet scenes though. - E.)

4. Anime
I bet you are all thinking, "Ah Chami, Anime is not a TV show. It is just a general name for a group of animated cartoons." Ah, people, thank you, I understand. Truthfully, I want to start getting into different shows from different cultures. I started a few and I've got quite a few recommendations from my friends but if anyone else has any recommendations, please leave them down below!

5. HappyLand
This show has a beautiful boy. Beautiful boy has stolen my heart from other shows. Beautiful boy has an amazing voice. Shane Harper is beautiful boy.

1. Legend of Korra
I have a couple of friends who are absolutely obsessed with this show and they've been trying to get me to watch it for years now but I was never interested. I started Avatar yesterday, and I'm kind of already in love with it so I have high hopes for this. ( OH MY GOSH. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. AVATAR IS LIFE [ I have yet to watch Legend of Korra though] - Chami)

2. Agent Carter
This has only just started up but I feel like I've been waiting for it forever. I'm sure a lot of you are aware of my love for everything Captain America so this probably comes as no surprise. ( WHY WHY WHY - Chami)

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Raise your hand if you really suck at keeping up to date with shows, even when you know you're going to love them.

4. Arrow
Techanically, I have started this one. I think I watched like two episodes when it first started out and then...well, I forgot about it. It has one of my favourite actors in it, so I don't know why I haven't watched it yet. (John Barrowman doesn't know either.)

5. Teen Wolf
*dodges the millions of things being thrown at me* ( Chami also raises her hand to this one. I've watched a season of this when it first came out and then I just gave up. *runs away*. - Chami)