24 Jan 2015

My Happy Movies

There are those times that you feel really sad and sometimes, books just don’t cut it. I find it takes a lot of attention to read books and when I’m feeling particularly down, I just can’t focus. This is where movies come in for me, and today I thought I’d share with you a list of my ‘happy movies’. These are my go-to movies when I’m feeling down.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
This is probably the biggest one. I’m sure most of you are aware of my love for Captain America, so this probably doesn’t surprise you. This movie just makes me incredibly happy – the second I put it on, I feel infinitely better. 

 (Yes actually, I'm watching Captain America...again.)

Mulan (& Mulan 2)
This is my favourite Disney film ( This and Tarzan is also my favourite! - Chami) – I love Beauty and the Beast too, but this one takes the cake for me. I love the songs, I love the story and I love the characters, especially Mushu, I mean, come on!

Same sort of thing here, though this isn’t made by Disney. I love the Romanov’s and Russian history, especially the Revolution. Plus, I can’t resist some good old Dimitri feels. (WHAT?! I need to watch this now.)

The Terminator
A movie about robots that are trying to kill people and people being sent back in time…How could that possibly make me happy? The thing is, this is my dad and I’s movie – in fact, the trilogy is our movie. I know if I’m having a really bad time I can go hang out with dad and watch this and then everything will be okay. (I actually posted more about this here, specifically the reboot, if you’re interested.)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
All of the HP movies make me happy, but this one is my favourite. I saw this one at least three times in the cinema and age seven, for one reason and one reason only – Sirius Black. He’s my original fictional boyfriend and I will love him forever. 

Hana Yori Dango: The Movie
I don’t know if this is the actual title for this one – it’s a Japanese drama so I’m just guessing. This is the movie that finishes off the two seasons of this show. It’s amazing and there’s lots of feels and Chami and I just like to cry about it to each other all the time. (THE FEELS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? - Chami)

So that’s it, my happy movies. These are necessarily my favourite movies of all-time – there are some others but those are usually the ones that make me ugly sob. One day I will do a list of those!

Do you have any ‘happy’ movies? If you do, tell me what they are and we can (probably) fangirl.