14 Jul 2015

Meet my Love Interests (and by that I mean my characters' love interests)

I wrote a little post the other day about the main characters in my WIPs, and I thought today that I’d introduce their other halves. Let’s just start, shall we? Oh, and I say ‘love interest’ because who knows if these people get together? (I honestly don’t know yet for anyone but Cora/Nate).

Usually just referred to as ‘Nate’. This guy is my favourite. He is just gorgeous and I love him more than anything in the world. Well, the only thing I love more is him and Coralie together. Did I mention he was Coralie’s boyfriend? He’s Coralie’s boyfriend. He’s sweet, and caring, and complex and he would go to the end of the Earth for Coralie. He’s just the cutest. The few friends that have read this novel have all joined the Nate fanclub…it’s on that level.

I’m just going in the same order as that other post now. So, Evan is Nellie’s love interest. He’s an interesting one. He’s a lot of things, all very contradictory. He’s both lovely and mysterious, too trusting and untrustworthy, controlled and independent, light and dark, right and wrong. He and Nellie are a complicated at the best of times.

Speaking of complicated, meet Arden’s love interest, Mima. So Arden is a detective, Mima is the victim of a crime. There’s something there, it’s all very confusing and illegal. I think I know what’s going to happen here, but spoilers.

And the worst love interest on this list goes to…LOGAN. Yep, Logan is a dickhead. Granted, Megan kind of totally deserves him. He’s manipulative like her, and incredibly messed up. He’s kind of fun to write/plan, but also terrifying.

This guy. Oh, how does one describe Mattie? He’s Vivian’s love interest and he’s very interesting. (See what I did there? I didn’t until I read back over this) His high school girlfriend disappeared one day and he’s still deeply affected by that. He’s also kind of sweet and silly which is great fun to write.

There you go. My babies’ babies, who I also refer to as my babies. I just really like being patronising to my characters… If they were real people, they’d honestly hate me for all the shit I put them through. Anyway, yep, there they are. Let me know which you’d date.