10 Jul 2015

Bookish People I Love, Part Two

I made this post about four of my favourite bookish people the other week, and I mentioned that I'd be doing another part because I have a long list of favourites. And here we are, PART TWO! Let's go.

Firstly, the whole reason I needed a part two. The incredibly lovely and hilarious, VAL of The Innocent Smiley. (Not so sure about the 'innocent' thing). This girl, I tell you, this girl. She honestly makes me cry with laughter, like every single post—there's something that gets me. My favourite thing is the fact that our friendship is mostly like this...

Secondly, Kelly of Diva Booknerd. Kelly is the sassiest, most ridiculous blogger you'll ever follow. I've honestly had the weirdest Twitter conversations with Kelly that revolved around hairy mermaids (?) and stealing Alice in Wonderland bags from people. She's kind of that crazy, but really nice family member that makes you look slightly more sane to the rest of your family.

Speaking of really nice people...Chiara of Books for a Delicate Eternity/Chiara Sullivan is a gorgeous human being. Chiara's been there for me through some of the suckiest times of my life and she's a great listener and friend, but she's also a really awesome blogger and LGBTQ+ writer. You should definitely check out. (Also, winner of the most gorgeous blog designs, yes?)

Keeping with the writing them, there's the lovely Inge of Bookshelf Reflections. Inge and I have recently become critique buddies, and the ideas she has for her novels—just wow. Seriously, just read these posts she has about writing and be envious with me. Also, she also talks about anxiety and depression and I really, really like those posts because one) we don't see them on book blogs very often, two) they're incredibly real. Just, Inge, you guys.

Do you follow any of these awesome people? Or have you become obsessed with one (or more) of the four I mentioned last time?