12 Jul 2015

Beautiful Blogger Award

A few weeks ago, the extremely lovely Dani of Dani Reviews Things tagged me in the Beautiful Blogger Award. I thought I'd wait until now to do it for two reasons. One) this was my next free day in our schedule, Two) in a few hours, I'll actually be traveling up to Oxford to meet Dani for the first time!

So what are the rules of this tag?
1. List seven random facts about yourself
2. Place the badge below on your blog (and no, I couldn’t find a less grainy version…)
3. Nominate seven more beautiful bloggers



1. I really love strawberries. They are my favourite food ever. I could honestly eat my weight in them, and I'm pretty sure I have a few times. I especially like them because they don't have carbs in, making them one of the very few foods I can eat as many of as I want without having to worry about how they are affecting my diabetes.

2. As a child, I was very interested in Ancient Egypt, especially Cleopatra. I remember my older brother was supposed to watch the film with Elizabeth Taylor in for his English class, but I ended up stealing the DVD and giving him a summary afterwards.

3. I have an obsession with journals. Every type of journals—personal, art journals, travel journals, writing journals etc. etc. I spend way too much time looking at beautiful journals online. 

4. I'd never read a fairy tale until this year. I don't even know why, but I was never interested in them when I was younger and for whatever reason, I never had them read to me in school or by my parents.

5. My biggest fear is sharks. When I was younger, I used to be scared of those circle things at the bottom of pools because I thought a shark might come out of one of those.

6. I had speech lessons until I was about five because I refused to speak. I'm still an incredibly quiet person now. In fact, it's pretty much impossible for me to talk to people I don't know.

7. My childhood was mostly filled of soccer (my grandpa played professionally when he was young), toy cars and video games—either war ones or Grand Theft Auto. Can you tell I really liked spending time with my brother?


I tried to tag a few different people than who I usually go for, so I'm sorry if you've already done this.

1. Krystianna of Downright Dystopian
5. Kate of Fictional Thoughts
6. Olivia of Olivia's Catastrophe
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