13 Jul 2015

Australian Authors You Should Really Know

I’ve officially been away from home for over a month now. I’ve had heaps of family ask me whether I’m ‘homesick’, and I’m honestly not. I didn’t have a huge amount of people that I actually liked back home, so that probably has something to do with it. That’s besides the point. You know who do like from back home?

Australian Authors.

(I found this and I just couldn't resist).

So today, I’m going to share some authors with you that you probably don’t know about if you aren’t from Australia.

John Marsden.
He’s written loads of books, but is probably most well-known for the Tomorrow series. The series starts with Tomorrow, When the War Began and is about a bunch of Australian teenagers who come back from a camping trip to find that the country has been invaded. They fight back, people die, characters grow and things are really intense. And that’s only the first book, because the second book was so intense that it screwed with my anxiety and I had to put it down.

Buy John’s books here. 

Melina Marchetta
If you’ve heard of anyone, it’ll be Melina Marchetta. Her books On the Jellicoe Road and the Finnikin of the Rock series did surprisingly well outside of Australia. She mostly writes contemporaries that will rip your heart out, but the she dabbled in fantasy for the Finnkin of the Rock which still ripped my heart out.

Buy Melina’s books here.

Ellie Marney
What’s that, you like having your heart ripped out and torn to tiny pieces? Well, then Ellie Marney is the author for you. Not convinced? Ellie’s Every trilogy is a modern day Sherlock retelling (kind of) set in Melbourne (my hometown). James Mycroft is everything you’ve ever wanted in a fictional boyfriend even when he breaks your heart. You’ll absolutely hate Ellie Marney, and then you’ll realise she’s actually the sweetest person ever and you’ll spend your days wondering how on earth she messed you up this bad. Great news, this series is just starting to be released in the US so you can all experience the pain.

Buy Ellie’s books here.

Nansi Kunze
If you’ve been a follower for a while, you were probably expecting this. Nansi Kunze is one of my favourite authors of all-time. Her books are kind of hard to describe, there’s three at the moment—Mishaps, Dangerously Placed and Kill the Music and they are all a little different. Mishaps is a bit sci-fi, Dangerously Placed is bit mystery, bit sci-fi and Kill the Music is a bit mystery, bit oh-my-god-swoon. They are honestly so funny and just absolutely great to read and one day, I will force everyone to love them.

Buy Nansi’s books here.

Kylie Fornasier
Finally, we have the lovely Kylie Fornasier. Kylie only has one YA book out at the moment, called Masquerade, which focuses on seven teenagers during Carnavale in 1750 Venice. Can you honestly say you’re not interested? It’s an absolutely gorgeous book, very atmospheric and it just has the FEELS.

Buy Masquerade here.

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