6 Jul 2013


It is someones birthday today and if you haven't guessed it by the title, then it is ours! No Ely and I are not birthday twins, so this means that it is the celebration of this very blog! Through non stop posting for weeks to non stop posting everyday, "a book so fathomless," has been and will continue to be our very own slightly unusual baby. If we go a little bit more into that scenario, then I would have to say that Ely is the mother and I'm the Father who goes to work a lot. Yeah, I know.

So without furthermore, here is what I have to say at 10:42 at night!

Thank you to our all our viewers and authors who have spent their time reading the blog and sending out books for us to review. We enjoy every moment of those books and love to see the amount of views we get from all the readers on the blog. I do believe that sometimes we think that no one is viewing our blog, and those comments and emails really make us smile. Every click counts!

And of course, I have to thank Ely Dickens. For being such a patient little booger for when I forget to post on the blog for a month and for being our main leading lady on our email. This is where I tell her that though she is the one that replies to all the emails, I go on Gmail every single day just to check what she has written, though i don't necessarily reply myself. I can't help it, i'm antisocial. Anyway, she does so much work for this blog and I can never thank her enough. This blog would wither and die without you, Els. I would wither and die without you.

Check out the posts coming up this month for our Blogversary special. We've got giveaways from some very exciting authors and blog tours topped off. Thank you to all the authors who kindly agreed to being on the blog after Ely's massive Gmail emailing session. It means so much to us!

Love you always


  1. Aw Chami!! You've made me cry now :')I love you so much even though you are incredibly antisocial. Thank you for being my amazing other half, always.



  2. <3 I love you! And thank you for being my other cacti!