23 Jul 2013

BOOK DISCUSSION: The Family of Books

Most of these book discussion posts focus solely on Chami and I, but today that's going to change. This post, in fact, is going to include my family and the types of books that they read.

So starting with dad. My dad works a lot and when he isn't working, he prefers to spend his time watching TV and films rather than reading. On top of this, he's an incredibly slower reader (it takes him about three months to read one book). Therefore, the only books my dad ever reads are either sport biographies or travel books, though he does have an extreme fondness for trivia books too, which is why our house is filled with them!

My brother is a very difficult reader to define. Throughout the years he's gone through different stages- when he was younger he used to read heaps, then as he grew older he completely stopped reading and declared that he hated it, but now, at almost twenty-one, he's decided he likes books again. As a child he used to read Harry Potter, Star Wars, Warhammer, Horrible Histories etc. but now he's starting reading John Green's books, Game of Thrones, History books- both fiction and non-fiction, Japanese books and even (to my absolute delight) classics. Surprisingly, he's even started giving me recommendations!
Aside from me, my mum has always been the biggest reader in our household and so she is absolutely the person that I picked my love for books up from. Over the years she's read a bit of everything- when she was my age she used to read a lot of classics and Agatha Christie books (both of which, I love more than anything), then as she got older she started reading books that focused more around Europe and travel (while she was travelling through Europe especially) and now she reads a variety of everything- like me, mystery/crime and historical novels are among her favourite which means we read a lot of the same books. Out of everyone in my life, my mum is definitely the person that I get recommendations off.

I hope you enjoyed this post for something a little different and if you'd like, leave a comment about the sorts of books that you and your family read! See you next time guys!