28 Jul 2013


I know this may be so off topic and random at the most, but today is my main novels birthday! It all started when I got the idea when I was twelve years old. Who would’ve thought that for the years coming up it would consume my mind? Every period of free time I had, I dedicated it to evolving the story. From stolen moments in the shower, to misused class time and bedtime thoughts, the characters dug into my skin and still remain there. This sounds like a love story, doesn’t it? Oddly, it pretty much was. I finished the whole series (5 Books) in my head before I even finished the first book. I mapped out histories, lives, flaws and dreams.

I was even crazy enough to create a Facebook page and a Facebook profile (Which Ely unfortunately found out) for my own personal use of fangirling about my own book. I was mental enough to create a website for the POV of Rose Evermont, my main character: http://flavors.me/roseevermont
Obviously I don’t have a great sense of spelling and grammar still. It’s even on goodreads.

I never thought it would impact my life so much.

This book is the very reason I discovered my love for writing and telling stories. The reason I appreciate books. The reason that I met my best friend, Ely. I don’t know what I could ever do to say thank you. Ely probably things I’m some demented child by now for being obsessed by something that is not even tangible. But it’s the only thing I could ever rely on to be there for me. For me to escape to and stay tethered to it. To never forget. I can’t even consider this as a book anymore than it is a completely formed life. It’s just been so much to me. Every single character.

I love you Scarlett Winter Secrets!

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  1. Aww this was sweet, Chams. So...when do I get a copy, eh?