8 Jul 2013

GUEST POST: Leti Del Mar

As part of our one year blogovearsary celebrations, today we have a guest post from the lovely Leti Del Mar. Leti has been featured a few times on ABookSoFathomless previously, especially within the last month due to the release of her new YA novel Land of the Unaltered. We hope you enjoy Leti's guest post and that you make sure to check out her contact details at the bottom of this post! Now, over to Leti...

Are you a Blogger or an Author?

If someone had asked me that question two years ago, I would have said “Author” without any hesitation.  Today, well I’m not so sure.  When I began self-publishing my work, everyone said I needed a blog.  So I dove right on in and started blogging.  I had a loose idea that I wanted to blog about writing, but that was pretty much it.  

Over the last year my blog has evolved and my passion for blogging has grown.  I look forward to sitting down to write a blog post just as much as I enjoy working on my novels.  Why the shift?

1.  I refocused the purpose of my blog.  Instead of my blog being just about writing, I have transformed it into a site to help and promote other Indie Authors.  This has shaped the kinds of posts I write and I now spend a significant amount of time researching the topics I write about to make sure that I present worthwhile content.

2. I have made meaningful connections with other bloggers.  Through blog hops I’ve gained quite a following, but I try to visit and comment on the blogs I follow.  This helps me to feel like I’m doing more than shouting on a soap box.  I’m exchanging ideas with friends.

3. I try to give even more than I get.  I am always surprised by how generous the blogging community has been toward me and I try to pay it forward.  Last April, I started an Indie Author Interview feature on my blog and within a few weeks, I was booked solid for a year.  I love that I can help promote others and I have made a point of having helpful resources for writers on my blog.

4.  I added book reviews to my blog.  As an author, I know just how important reviews can be.  So when I read a book for pleasure, I always make sure to write a review.  Then I started posting these reviews on my blog.  I changed up how my blog handles these reviews and this feature has become quite popular.  Lately most of the books I read are ARCs given to me by authors or free copies from Net Galley.  It has been great.  I mean who doesn’t love a free book?

So am I an author or a blogger?   I wouldn’t have been a blogger if I wasn’t an author first, but I can proudly claim, “I am a blogger!”

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