27 Nov 2014

The Book Buying Ban

It’s that time of day again where I look at my bookshelves and freak out about how many unread books I currently own. Rather than stressing myself out today and not actually doing anything about it, I decided I’d write this post.

This is my official evidence that I am on a book buying ban. I can’t go completely cold turkey right now so I’ve set myself some rules/guidelines which I’m going to share with you now.

One. I cannot buy any standalone or first books in series. I can, however, buy sequels on the condition that I have caught up with that particular series.

Two. Any sequels purchased must be under $15.

Three. No ordering any books online. Books for my course don’t count.

Four. Stay on this book buying ban until March 2015, or until I’ve read fifty of the books I currently own depending on whichever happens first.

So that’s my book buying ban. I’m hoping that it works out, but we’ll see how much strength I have when it comes to avoiding bookstores. Obviously, I’m going to be borrowing books from the library and receiving some for Christmas but the goal really is for me to stop spending so much money.

Are any of you on book buying bans? Let me know what works or what doesn’t work for you!

Thank you for reading.