30 Sept 2014

WRAP-UP: September 2014

The last couple of months have been pretty shitty reading-wise for me, so I was beyond excited when things started to pick up this month. Before I get to the actual books I read, I want to talk about some awesome other stuff.

Books I Bought This Month
NONE. I DID IT. AGAIN. Considering I bought about 20 or so books in August, I'm very happy to have bought none this month. I did, however, receive a copy of Belzhar from Simon & Schuster that I'm very excited for. I'm trying to keep myself of this book-buying ban until my birthday, which is just over a week away.

Other Things
Welllll, this is where it gets real exciting. The month was pretty chilled to start with, mainly because I was exhausted after Sydney but then things got exciting again! On the 19th, I went into the city to meet up with the lovely Ebony and we went to see Les Mis together- it was AMAZING. We also ate a lot of food and talked pretty much non-stop. I also got to see The Maze Runner this month, which was pretty good. But mostly excitingly, I got my subjects marked off for my semester abroad next year!!! I'm SO excited!

Books I Read This Month
Okay, now let's actually talk about the books I read this month. So for the last two months, I've only read 7 books but this month...I READ 15. (technically 16 if you count the photography book I 'read') 15. FIFTEEN. OMG. *cough* Those books are...

I also 'dabbled' in Heir of Fire, Wuthering Heights, World After and I just started The Sky is Everywhere yesterday for the #ReadEverywhere read-along. I've got an October TBR going up on Thursday so remember to check that out if you're interested!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all had a good reading month too!


  1. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOOKS! (I only read about 5 to be honest ahahah) I haven't read any of these books, but wait, is Split Second a sequel to Pivot Point? I haven't read either but the covers look so similar!

  2. Five is still good! That's five more than most people :) Yes, Split Second is the sequel to Pivot Point :D

    x Ely

  3. Yay your comments are working now! But that's so exciting, you're going abroad? Where are you going? I wanted to do a semester abroad too but I've run out of semesters, I'm graduating in like a month! I'm so excited for you :)