17 Sept 2014

UPDATE: Booktube and Other Things

Hi guys! It's been a while since I did one of these, but it's time for an update today.

I don't know whether you've noticed but I've been posting every day for the last five days. Even when Chami and I were most active, we never posted every single day but I've noticed that quite a few blogs do it so I thought I'd try it myself. I'm not going to promise that this will be a constant thing, but I'm going to try and post every single day until the end of this month just to see how it goes.

What's next? Booktube! I've been booktubing on and off for a couple of months now. I'm not a particularly interesting booktuber- I only really post book hauls, but I absolutely love doing it. I'm hoping to use my channel and this blog in conjunction with one another in the future. Oh, and you can find my channel here. I wanted to bring this up now because once Chami has finished her exams, we're hoping to make some awesome bookish videos together (and I wanted to make you guys excited about that).

(That better be all of you, right now.)

Reading-wise, I'm sort of in a slump but not really. I've actually been hanging out with friends a lot the past couple of weeks so I haven't really had much time to read and I'm still struggling to find something that holds my attention. I've started Heir of Fire but I'm reading it quite slowly because I don't know if I'll be able to handle it- I just have a lot of feels!

So the reading leads me into my next part which is book buying. I've placed myself on book buying ban since coming back from Sydney. It's my birthday at the beginning of October so I'm trying to hold myself off from getting anything until then, but if things go really well I'd like to resist buying books until the end of October, after my exams. We'll see how that turns out though.

Now onto the massively exciting part of this post...COLLABS. I'm lucky enough to being collabing with two of my bestest blogging buddies this month and I am SO excited. Firstly, Chiara of Books for a Delicate Eternity and I will be doing a discussion post on Every Breath and Every Word by Ellie Marney. I don't know exactly when this will be going up yet or the finer details of the post but it's going to be awesome! Even more exciting than that (I do love Chiara, very very much), Ebony of Daring Damsels and I are going a little bit nuts together this month. We have three different collabs this month - we're doing a part two of our Cover Comparisons, Ebony will be joining me for my new Colour Schemes feature and we're also hosting a read-a-long for The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (more on that later). On top of all of that, this Friday we're going to see Les Mis together which is going to be seriously brilliant.

How exciting is all of that? And yes, that is how I feel right now. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy all this exciting stuff when it happens! Tell me about some of the awesome things in your life right now...(or not so exciting)


  1. That last GIF. Yes. That is me right now.

    I love that with blogging you're free to just try stuff out as you please - I hope you find a blogging "schedule" of sorts that fits you best soon. :)

    Also, booktube! I want to get into that more too, and YESSSSSS. CHELY VIDEOS! <3 <3 <3 So excited to see some of those after exam period!

    I'm in a sort-of reading slump too right now, and it's really annoying me. :(

    YES. I cannot wait for yours and Chiara's discussion on Every Word and Every Breath...I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE. And our posts - yay! <3 And our readalong and LES MIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's so, so close!

    1. Doesn't it just sum up everything so perfectly?

      I hope so too!

      YES! And then we can totally collab too (because we clearly don't do it enough!)

      Reading slumps are horrible D: I wish they didn't exist.

      Words cannot describe how EXCITED I am for Chiara and I's post! I'm just so excited for everything!!!

      Thanks for commenting, as always, Ebony!

      x Ely

  2. Ooh, I'm looking forward to all this exciting stuff! Woot woot!! And I didn't know you booktubed! (Is "booktubed" even a word? Heh. Is now.) I'm totally going to you channel to, you know, watch all the things. XD

    1. YESSSSSS- my evil plan worked! I do booktube...occasionally. ALL THE THINGS? ALL OF THEM? :O (Thank you. You're amazing!)

      x Ely


    How is the weather by the way :P

    But wow, EVERY SINGLE DAY? I'm not sure how you're going to do it, but I wish you luck! I'm drowning in homework, maybe instead of posting, could you help me? I have a French test on thursday. PLZ HELP

    Just kidding. I WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. And oooooo booktube. I will check it out later when I'm back at home :D

    1. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

      The weather is, well...crappy. It's cold and I don't like it!

      It's going okay so far *crosses fingers* I do speak French :P Or should I say Je parle les Francais. (That's possibly wrong...it's been a year since I've needed to use French)

      YAY! Thank you Val <3

      x Ely