28 Sept 2014

Writing About Things That Matter

I’m going to start this post by saying that I think book blogging is very important. Even more than that, I love doing it and I love all the wonderful friends I’ve made through blogging (and for getting to share this amazing experience with the best friend/human being in the entire world). But lately, I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing about things that matter. I know it’s a stupid thing to worry about- who gets to decide what matters and what doesn’t?

The thing is…I really like reading other people’s blogs. I’d say that I spend a good couple of hours every day just reading through people’s posts, so as you can imagine I’ve come across some great posts. That’s where my problem lies- I read all these amazing posts and then I think to myself ‘wow, I wish I could write something like that’. I know how unhealthy that is and that I should be proud of my own posts, but damn, I get some serious blogger envy.

I’m sure there are posts or blogs that you wish you could write like. For me (this leads to the actual topic of this post), it’s generally blogs or posts that write about things that matter to me, that share their opinions about interesting things. For example, I consider myself to be a feminist and so I spend a lot of time reading about feminism in YA, movies, TV and whatever else. I want to be able to write things like that- to explain to you all how important I think strong female characters are, especially as role models. Then I spend all my time looking at these amazing blogs and suddenly I feel like I could never write that post how I want to. It causes serious blogger burnout, because then I feel like nothing I ever write is good enough.  That’s a suckish feeling. It’s a really, really suckish feeling. How do you stop feeling like that?

What I really want is to be able to write about whatever I want and feel like what I’ve written is worth reading, that it’s good content. I want to write meaningful posts for this blog, and I want to write posts for other blogs and take part in those ‘cool girl geek’ blogs that I spend so much time reading. Does anyone else ever feel like this?

So, the point of this post- other than for me to rant a little, is to basically convince myself to start writing whatever I want to write and to stop worrying about it so much. I can’t promise that what I get out there is going to be amazing, but I’d like to think that it'll help improve my writing and confidence.

If you read through that, then you’re seriously marvellous and you deserve all of the chocolate cake in the world. I don’t really know what else to say, other than thank you and I hope you’re all having a great week.


  1. *raises hand* Oh me too, absolutely. And when other bloggers think up AMAZING topics?! And all I can think of is the topics that have been rehashed again and again and uhghhh everyone is so tired of them. I feel blogger envy too sometimes. >_< SO I FEEL FOR YOU. When you find the secret to dispelling it? I WANT TO KNOW.

  2. Ely, darling, NO. Don't every psyche yourself out like this. Everything you write is worthwhile and amazing, and you should do it!

    If you want to write about feminism and why its important to you and to YA, then go for it! I would LOVE to read that post, and I am sure a whole heap of other people would, too.

    You gotta remember that we are our own worst critics. I'm sure these blogs you look up to were or even ARE still nervous about the things they post, and would probably feel amazed that you are envious of the posts they are writing.

    I hope you do post about things that are important to you because that in itself is important <3

  3. First and foremost-we blog for ourselves. If you're not blogging how YOU want, then definitely shake things up :) I recently went through this myself and ended up getting away from labeling my blog a 'book blog'. I still post a lot of bookish posts, but I now also include other topics that are important to me. It's really made me fall in love with my blog again, and my readers seem to enjoy the new direction I've gone in too :)