5 Dec 2012

REVIEW: Weaving Magic by Mindy Hardwick

Title: Weaving Magic
Author: Mindy Hardwick
Publication Date: April 27th 2012
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Format: E-book
Pages: 124
Rating: 4/5
He loves magic. She loves romance. But the biggest illusion is the one Shantel and Christopher perform together. Sixteen- year- old Christopher fights to stay sober while fifteen-year-old Shantel struggles in the aftermath of her mother’s death and seeks refuge in a fantasy world. But the unacknowledged roots of their problems refuse to stay buried and soon, the two are headed toward a deadly magic trick. Can Shantel and Christopher move beyond magical illusions to find love?
Review: This book was sent to us by the author- however this does not change our opinions of the book.
‘Weaving Magic’ drew me in from the very first page- finally a YA book including magic without the usual paranormal and other fantasy themes tacked on. The main boy, Christopher, is the kind of magician you’d find a talent show- just a normal boy, no special powers and no absurd levels of perfection about him. In fact, Christopher has his fair amount of issues with trying to stay sober, dealing with family issues and trying to protect his friends. The main girl, Shantel, is far from perfect herself. She is still dealing with her mother’s death as well as trying to keep her father happy by taking advanced classes, though she spends most of her time reading romance novels. Both characters are incredibly relatable in one way or another to the readers- their flaws and the troubles they go through within the novel allow you to connect with them.

The two main characters aren’t the only good thing in the novel, the supporting characters (two of my personal favourites being Alex and Mia) are also amazing and the plot and themes created an even more enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quick but interesting book with hints of magic and romance.