6 Dec 2012

Chami's Update: The Oh So Busy Me

Sorry Bloggers

I feel like i have to give you an explanation on why i have  been absent for a few days and Ely's been doing all the work. I could say that that i travelled to an immortal world where a caterpillar ate me for breakfast and then spewed me in front of a faeces eating bird, but we've finished Nanowrimo (Ely and I won) and i have no room for that kind of shenanigans. 
So Heres the Explanation:
 I was on camp, dying of sickness (apparently not so immune as i thought) and currently, my school is still not on Holidays unlike Ely's. I've got a couple more days of school and then i am done for the year. I PINKY PINKY promise that i'll post more and even chuck in some videos of my ever changing bookshelf.  November and Early December just have been death defying. 
I take full responsibility for it. 

Love Chami