4 Aug 2012


Dear CampNano

Sometimes i hate you, and sometimes i can't help but love you. Right now, i hate you. I hate you so much that i could literally walk up to you and give you an "Elena" bitch slap. But what has to be done must be done so nano here i come.

Camp Nano started August 1st and started bad. Horribly bad. Everything i wrote was just horrible. I hate the beginning of my novel and i realised that i may finally have to put it aside and do what Ely is doing. Start from the middle. But for me, i mean like Chapter two or something because the first chapter has nothing specifically to do with the storyline but set the scene. So, i'm going to send Chapter 1 off into hiding and take it on in Chapter 2. I did start writing Mockerberry before, but i hated the first chapter as much as i hate the one that i'm writing, but now i like that one more. THIS IS THE WORST.

Hold on tight Camp nanoers. 

Love Chami