7 Aug 2012


Dear Camp Nanoers

So, going strong so far? Maybe, Maybe not. So today, i decided to give you guys your main aim. Right now, you should be well near your 10 000's or even higher, or maybe even lower if your falling behind. But it doesn't really matter. Nano is for the words, but writing is for the story. So, pick now. Pick if you rather value your words or the story in your novel that you are writing. There is no wrong and no right because i totally understand if Nano is just there for a boost in your story or an actual comp that you are vigorously participating in. But you really need to make a decision between those two. Because on my first year of Nano, all I cared was about how many words I got down and that is still fine with me because at least I had something to start with which I could go back and work on. But right now, for camp nano, I barely care about word count and I am sticking to the story that I am trying to write. You just have to see which one works for you and you’ve got it.