16 Feb 2015

Time Management and Reading Problems #Chitchat

Hello. I suck. I know.

Now wasn’t that a great greeting after abandoning the blog for a bit? Honestly, I am super sorry. The only thing that has been really stopping me from posting is the fact that I have to switch accounts and that is a bad excuse as it is. Aside from that, I am having a certain case of “let’s not be a functioning human being.”

That means:
  • -      No blog posts
  • -      No replying to comments on basically anything
  • -      No writing
  • -      No posting Booktube videos.
  • -      Having bookreading problems.
  • -      Hermit life.

But there is one thing I am doing.


Fitfully, but now it is getting better.

The bad thing about reading for me is that everything else stops. Everything. I let the book consume everything and that is not the healthiest thing to do because I will not move for hours and I will push everything out the window and gosh I love reading but I wish I could read not like that.

Because when you read like that, you lose control of everything.

So, it is the holidays right now and so I can afford to do that, but that is also the sad thing about it. I have time and when I am not reading I always have to do something else. I have to write, post videos, post blog posts, socialise and maintain so many other hobbies that eventually they don’t really become hobbies. But the thing is, my empty days are always full with things that I need to do. They are never empty days.

University hasn’t started yet.

Work hasn’t started yet.

Where will my time go for those things that normally take the whole day that I do during the holidays?

Anyone else have this problem?

I have way too much on my plate but they are everything that I want to be on my plate. Why can’t I just exchange the plate for a bathtub or an Olympic sized swimming pool even though everyone gets a plate?

So basically what I am saying is how do you all manage your time with blog life, Internet, life and academic work? Do you have a schedule? Do you schedule all your posts weeks before you post them?

Love Chami!