5 Feb 2015

Our Favourite Characters #HarryPotterBookNight

Today is a very magical day - it's Harry Potter Book Night! Before I go and start my reread of The Chamber of Secrets, we thought we'd share our top three favourite characters from the series each. And yes, we did...maybe...argue about this a little.

This was the easiest thing in the world for me. I didn't even have to think about my top three in the series.

1. Sirius Black (Art by viria13)
My ultimate bae, the love of my life, my first ever book boyfriend etc. etc. I've loved Sirius since the age of eight when the third movie came out - I saw it five times in cinemas because I loved him that much. I love how sassy he can be but also the depth he has because of his family history. I'm obsessed with him, and there is no character in the world who will ever reach his level.

2. Regulus Black (artist unknown)
Yes, I'm obsessed with the Black family. Regulus is just gah. Honestly, can you say that you don't admire him for what he did? I personally think he has a much more interesting redemption story than Snape (my second least favourite character, only rivaled by my hatred for Pettigrew but more on that later). I spend far too much time on his tumblr tagging, just sobbing quietly and rocking back and forth.

3. Remus Lupin (Art by anxiouspineapples)
Yes, I realise the series is about Harry's generation and not his parents but dnjfdkf REMUS FREAKIN' LUPIN. I loved Remus from the third movie (guess which one was my favourite, go on...guess!) and I just can't let him go. While Sirius and Regulus are more like 'I love you because you're beautiful. Please be mine.' I think I'm more like Remus, well I don't think - I know. I'm more of the quiet, bookish type and I'm not a werewolf (I know I had you all fooled!) but I do have a serious illness. I just get him.

OH! James Potter is a very close fourth for me. This is the thing Chami and I argue about. I love him with my whole heart and she thinks he's a 'big ass douche'. It's very hard to be friends with her sometimes.