10 May 2014

DISCUSSION: Books I've Started but Haven't Finished Yet

I'm sure some of you have those books too, those ones that you started one day but you just haven't finished. I definitely have a lot of these, so I thought I'd share a couple with you today.

1. Wither by Lauren DeStefano
Don't get me wrong, I was really enjoying this book. I started it while I was away for the weekend, and once I got back, I had all these other books around me to read and so this one got put back on the shelves. I only got a measly 16 pages into this, but I will finish it one day!

2. Stray by Monica Hesse
Interestingly, I started this one around the same time as Wither. In fact, I put down Wither to this one up and then ended up putting this one down for something else. I only got 12 pages, but it was interesting.

3. The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
I'm not so embarrassed about not having finished this one, mainly because it's so long. I got 60 pages into this one which I read in one afternoon, but I haven't picked it up since. I think it's going to be a winter holiday read for me.

4. Matched by Ally Condie 
I know a lot of people have marked this as a 'dnf' but I'm determined to finish this. I was actually interested by the book, and I got 70 pages in but then I hit a very philosophical part which just was not what I wanted at that particular moment.

5. The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross
This was another I was really enjoying, until I put it down for something else. I only made it 37 pages in, but I'm going to pick it up again as soon as I possibly can.

6. The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper
I picked this one up around Christmastime, but I put it down to pick up Cinder (and there was no going back after that). I think I only made it to about page 3 before I gave up.

7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
This is another one that I don't feel so bad about, this is a big book too. Not only that, but it's a rather dense book (and sometimes, rather boring). I made it 138 pages in, and then gave up but I WILL finish it one day.

8. All That I Am by Anna Funder
After reading Stasiland by Anna Funder, I was desperate to pick this up. Stupidly, I picked it up during a heavy assignment period at school (including essays on Stasiland) so I only made it 10 pages in at the time.

9. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
I've actually picked this up twice, once just randomly and the second time as part of a buddy read. Surprisingly, both my friend and I put this book down at page 24 and neither of us have picked it up since. I will get to it before the movie!

10. Paper Towns by John Green
I know what you're thinking...how have I not read this yet? Well, I started it and I think I made it to about page 70 or so before I put it down. I was enjoying it, but it just wasn't what I wanted to read at that time.

So that's some of the unfinished books I have, I might do an update on these books in a few months (granted only if I've read at least one) or a part two to talk about another bunch of books I haven't finished yet. Are there any of these books that you want to scream at me for not finishing? Are there are any books of your own that you haven't finished yet? Let me know!


  1. Hey, I also started the first few pages of Paper Towns, but then I just didn't continue for some reason. But since I only read like the first two pages, I didn't count as actually starting it.

    Other than that, there's only three books I've stopped reading in the past few years, Black Swan Rising and also Of Triton. And then a random ARC I got from NetGalley that I just couldn't read.

    1. I don't even know why I put it down, but one day- I'll eventually pick it back up.

      I've heard mixed things about Of Triton, but I've never heard of Black Swan Rising.

      x Ely

  2. The Dark is Rising is INSANELY confusing. Or that could be just me. I believe I got to the end of it, but I was basically skim reading and had zero idea what was going on. That must be at least 3 years ago now though. >_< I really didn't like Matched! And I borrowed The Maze Runner from the library but I sent it back before I got a chance to start it...so does that count as kind of read? XD Definitely want to read it before the movie though.

    1. I'm not sure if I'll pick up The Dark is Rising again, I don't really like confusing books! For Matched, I just want to see how I feel about it and then I'll probably sell it.

    2. Sorry I had to reply to this in two comments, my phone hates me. But, would you be up for a TMR buddy read before the movie? x Ely

  3. I have only read Wither out of all the books you mentioned, haha XD And half of the rest I have never even heard of *ducks head*
    I'd suggest to continue with Wither simply because it is such a unique story. The first one was definitely my favourite of the trilogy, though. I liked the setting. You have to read about the cool mansion, Ely! :D
    As for me ... I always read one book at a time and therefore have never simply but a book down only to never pick it up again! I'd probably do it with the book I amc urrently reading thought but it's the final book in a trilogy and I REALLY need to know what happens (even if the book is 700 pages and boooooring, haha).

    1. Chami also really wanted me to read Wither, so I'm going to have to finish it now, aren't i? Then I might decide whether I'll read the rest of the trilogy.

      I kinda wish I could read to one book at a time! And, I hear you, I'm currently reading The Sweet Far Thing which is also the final book in a trilogy and is like 800 pages long. It's killing me!

      x Ely

  4. How do you go when you pick them up again, do you read from where you left off or need to start again?

    I can recommend Matched and Paper Towns, they're entertaining. Matched is a series that seems awfully sexist, but book one and two are pretty good, sadly it's book three that let's it down. I love John Green novels, even being on a hiatus until he writes an ending that satisfies me. I think Paper Towns is probably his quirkiest yet. I loved Margo, can't wait until you pick it up again.

    1. It depends on the book, sometimes I read a few chapters back- most the time I'm pretty good at remembering what's happened.

      I definitely need to get back to Matched and Paper Towns as soon as I possibly can. I think I'll have to dedicate a month to finishing books I've already started!

      x Ely