1 Oct 2012

National Novel Writing Month Tips

1.    Soundtracks are cool, but don't waste all your time on them
2.    Use every second you have free to write something for you Nano Novel, because at the end of the day, when you sit down at your desk and realize that you haven’t written anything big, you’ll go back and look at all those snippets and put them all together. Who knew? You actually wrote a Chapter! And the best writing comes from the spur of the time.
3.    Describe everything- who cares if it's useless to the storyline, it's words.
4.    Word War. Just do it. There are so many forums with people word Warring all daylong. Catch one and make more friends…oh and write your novel.
5.    Don't delete anything no matter how bad you think it is, just ignore it.
6.    Understand that what you writing maybe totally insane and may never get out into the publishing industry. Just live in the moment. Live with your characters because I bet that if it weren’t for Nano, you would be writing a paragraph every week. And the best surprise is that you’re able to remember everything that happened so far in the story because you’re writing every day.
7.    When in doubt, steal some dialogue from randoms on the street.
8.    No matter how many outlines, day dreams you derive from your wildest fantasies and sneaky conversation listening you do, your story may never come out on paper the same it would in your head.  So relax, bite your tongue and keep on writing. You can fix that later. After the month ends.
9.    Don't try and keep your plot the way you imagined it before NaNo started, everything will change.
1. Push aside your inner editor and just rape the keyboard with words that make no sense. It’s National Novel Writing month. It’s not National Novel Editing Month. Yes Grammar Nazi’s *Cough Ely cough*, stay back.

And of course, it’s okay to get this from word: