22 Oct 2012

GUEST POST: Mia Hoddell

Book Descriptions:

The Sheol - the first book in The Wanderer Trilogy

Can a killer ever truly quit?
Being a trained killer, Kala can handle most things the world throws at her. However, when she murders her fiance, Kala's life is thrown into chaos. Forced to leave everything behind, she runs from city to city, in fear of her psychotic boss who is seeking her death. If that wasn't enough, she also has to cope with the re-appearance of her dead fiance who is struggling to keep a hold on his sanity as he strives for revenge.

The Flawless – the second book in The Wanderer Trilogy

Once a killer, always a killer
A battle is going to arise soon; The Sheol and The Flawless will come together but only one can survive to continue their manipulation of humankind. The Wanderers have to decide whether to summon the courage to fight so they can save themselves from eternal unrest or whether they like being lost, immortal souls. Nachtmahr is upgrading his Sturmmen to create more ruthless and efficient killers due to interference from The Sheol, while Kala is becoming darker; her rage consuming her as she strives to fulfill her own personal mission...Kill Nachtmahr.

Hi everyone! Here’s a little about me, my writing and influences.

I suppose I have always loved writing and creating things in my head, it just took me awhile to realize how seriously I wanted to take it. Also I must admit that although I loved to write, until about 2009 I hated reading and I even made up books I had ‘read’ in English lessons to avoid being found out when it came to monthly reviews.

Any way I started out writing poetry and had my first poem published in an anthology when I was 12. Later on I got another two plus a short story published in different books as well. However I soon found that I was bored of poetry and I wasn’t able to include enough detail in a short story so I began writing my first novel (The Sheol).The idea of The Wanderers originally developed from one of my short stories I had written for GCSE coursework about a WW1 soldier who came back to life. I knew I wanted to write a book about lost souls and because I am interested in the dark sides of books the afterlife they were stuck in wasn’t going to be very pleasant.

The rest of the story started when I was bored one summer and was listening to the song SomewhereNowhere by Ciniephile. The lyrics in this song gave me an image of a silhouetted woman standing on a cliff at sunset and from there I just began writing. It took me three years to finish the first draft as I was balancing it with exams but after I finally got the book out I was able to write the sequel in just over a month.

For my characters I found Kala’s name when searching for names that had a meaning of darkness, evil etc and it just fitted really well. From then on all the other characters just seemed to name themselves, well accept Nachtmahr anyway. I had written the whole book before giving him a name, just using a few dashes instead (something I later regretted when I had to go back and edit it all). Three days were spent trying to find a suitable name for him before finally settling on Nachtmahr - meaning nightmare in German. I am incredibly picky with names and if I have even the slightest doubt, I don’t use it.

Currently I am in the process of writing The Hunted (The Wanderer Trilogy #3) and I want it to be available late December/early January. Also I am working on a new romance series that has paranormal aspects in it, which should hopefully be out October/November, with cover reveals etc coming soon.

Some Quotes from Reviews of The Sheol
"Different and nail biting:  The story line was well thought and intriguing! The Sheol had a good pace through out the book and it was kind of hard to put it down."

"A unique and original story that took me on an un-predictable journey as the story keeps you guessing all the way to the end."

"It’s a good piece of action and I could almost picture it like a movie."

"The supernatural part to the story gave me a unique spin on a story that I thought I knew before I read it." Adriana

“A stimulating and emotional experience.”

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