3 Feb 2013


That’s our cue VA fans. No one will question our fandom once we take revenge into our own hands once some stupid non-book reader comes to claim the hate on the thing that has consumed every thought in our mind. Yup. It’s time we refuse to accept that once the Vampire Academy becomes a movie that people will hate on the movie/books just because the title has “VAMPIRE,” in it.  So the next time someone says, “The Vampire Academy Movie is Horrible.” We’ll know what to do. Call the BLOOD HOUNDS. That aside! Have you heard the news of our baby?
If you haven’t heard by now, (and if you haven’t, please go to the doctor to check your hearing) there is MEGA FANTASTIC HUGE casting news for the Vampire Academy MOVIE! Yup, our three leading babes have been casted!

Click here for Penguin Publishers Australia Post. Click here for Richelle Meads Post. That should get you up to the CURRENT HYPE!

 (Scroll down for the cast's AMAZING HEADSHOTS!)

First of all, lets get this straight: I have reread the Vampire Academy series more than any other book series EVER. It was the first whole series of books I have ever owned and it’s one of the only books I keep going back to. No other series have ever made me feel the feelings between two partners like this damn series has. So if you’re the same, comment down below so we can cry together!

There are a lot of mixed feelings about the cast (and absolutely about the title! Blood Sisters!) Some are pleased, and some are miserable (Which one are you? Leave a comment), which is what to expect when turning a best selling book into a movie.

And honestly, my preferred lead cast was:
Rose: Odette Yustmen/Annabelle (Picture left) 2nd: Lyndsy Fonseca 3rd: Agnes Bruckner ( Blood and Chocolate GURL! Though she needs darker hair)
(The Rose on the front cover of the first book will always be the Rose Hathaway for me, but Odette comes close as an actress! She is beautiful and just reminds me of her completely. It is someone Dimitri would fall in love with…because I somehow know his taste ;). )
Dimitri: Ben Barnes 2nd Matt Bomer
(I know Dimitri is described as a long hair fella, but whenever he enters my head, and that’s quite frequently, he has short hair. That aside, It took me a while to accept him as an excellent Dimitri. But I finally did…though I’m still unsure)
Lissa: Amber Heard
(I just looked her up now, and I think she’s suitable for Liss. I never really thought about who would be perfect to play her, maybe because I haven’t found that person yet!

The Current Cast that they chose is still fantastic, especially Rose Hathaway’s look. The only one I’m not happy about is Dimka, but he still might surprise us!

Here ‘s my rating.
Zoey Deutch as Rose: 8/10 (Well! They've made me happy)

Lucy Fry as Lissa: 7/10 (Find the Blonde Photo's and THAT'S HER!)

Danila as Dimka: 5/10 (Not my Dimitri, but he is hot!)

Leave a comment down below on your preferred cast and your rating on the current actors? But seriously, how excellent are these photos of them!?




  1. I am pretty happy with the cast. Danila is hot but he isnt my Dimitri either. Although I dont believe there is a famous man out there I have seen who could fill that GODs shoes. (At least to me)

    1. Haha! I totally agree! No one could ever be any of these characters!

  2. i just started the series and instantly fell in love so i hope they don't screw up this movie like they have done with so many other books turned to movies.

    1. I agree! It's a shame if they did. Then all the people that haven't read the series and just went to see the movie would complain. :/ CROSS OUR FINGERS!

  3. Ben barnes or Danila are the best two picks for Dimka, kinda wish they went for Ben