15 Oct 2014

Current Favourite TV Shows

You may have guessed by now that I really like books, but you may not know that I also really like TV. So as the title of this post suggests, I’m talking about my current favourite TV shows. 

Gotham – OH MY GOD. I want to preface this by saying that I’m not a big Batman fan- I like the movies but I was never full-on obsessed. I am, however, seriously obsessed with Gotham. This is basically a prequel to the Batman movies and it focuses on Jim Gordon who is played by Ben McKenzie (yes, of The O.C.). This show is intense and just brilliant, but my absolute favourite thing is the amount of actual badass female characters who get actual personalities and storylines.

How to Get Away With MurderIf Gotham is intense then there isn’t a word strong enough in the English language to describe this show. This show follows a couple of law students as they take this professor’s, really crazy and just plain psychotic at times, class. The best thing about this show is the diversity, Viola Davis’ performance and Alfred Enoch (from Harry Potter).

Murder in the FirstThis one is pretty intense at times too, but this is more a ‘cop’ show. It follows two cops – Inspectors English and Mulligan (who is an awesome female character, by the way), as they work to solve some really strange murder cases that are all intertwined. Best thing? Tom Felton, without a doubt.

Faking ItThis show is definitely a little different to the others on this list. Firstly, the second season just started while the others are all on their firsts. Most importantly though, this is a show for teenagers really. It follows two best friends Amy and Carma who basically pretend to be lesbian to become popular. It sounds a little crappy, I know, but it is super addictive.

That's the list! I might end up doing a 'Favourite TV shows of all-time' at some point in the future, but I'd have to actually be able to cut that list down a little first :D Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this non-book post. See you all next time.