7 Mar 2014

UPDATE: More Apologies

So far this year, it's been rather slow here on A Book So Fathomless. We've only posted 17 times this year and we're already in March. Last month, we posted a whopping 4 posts which is one of our lowest ever. But this post isn't about telling you stats that you could check on the side of our blog, it's about making apologies.

I feel like we spend a great deal of our time making apologies to people. Apologies to the poor authors who've requested reviews from us that we just have not gotten too, apologies to people who've sent us e-mails that we forget to reply to for months and to you guys for hardly ever posting on here anymore.

Now comes for the next bit...excuses! Basically, Chami has started her final year of high school and she is completely swamped with homework and study and whatnot. I'm sure any encouragement would be appreciated. For me, well, I'm about to start my first week of University ever. I'm lucky in the sense that I will get two days off per week, but I don't know whether I'll actually be 'free' as such.

Now onto the actual good part of the post- I've been working on scheduling lots of things so that this blog does actually remain active. I've got a bunch of different reviews coming up this month, plus some more bookish related things and HOPEFULLY, a bookshelf tour. It's been a while since I've done one of those, you can see my last one here, but my shelves have changed immensely since then so I suppose it's long overdue.

I hope to see you all then!