28 Mar 2014

UPDATE: Current Reads and Some Goals

Look at us, being all active on here again! I've actually got an absolute stack of posts scheduled throughout April already so we'll definitely be more active on here in the coming weeks. Anyway, today I thought I'd so a sort of 'what I'm currently reading' thing and also talk about some of the books and other bookish things I'm hope to read/buy soon. I'm thinking of doing something like this every week, probably on Thursday but we shall see.

So current reads first! I'm currently reading five books, which are:
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad: This one is actually a read for my Literary Studies unit at University. I've finished the actual book, but I've been reading through a lot of the critical analysis lately. We only study each book for a week, so this one is almost done!
The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness: This one's a library book so I'm trying to through it as quickly as possible. I'm currently on page 240 out of 536, so I'm not even halfway yet but it's a pretty quick read when I actually get the time to read it.
The Mystery Tomb by Eva Pohler: I've been reading this one for a little bit, but then my mum decided to borrow my E-Reader so that she could read it and well...she's a bit slower than me. I'm hoping to steal it back from her asap.
Matched by Ally Condie: I really wasn't sure whether I'd like this one or not, but so far it's good. I'm 70 pages in at the moment, but that's only from the one sitting. I put it down because it was getting a little too deep for me at that particular moment. I really want to finish this by next week.
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge: This one is for a Tumblr/Goodreads book club I'm in. I'm only 100 pages in, but I'm not really enjoying it as of yet. Most of the book club has been saying the same thing, but we're all hoping it picks up soon.

So that's what I'm currently reading, as for goals. I've got a couple of things planned for April.
1. I'm hoping to re-read The Great Gatsby next month. This'll be the first time I've re-read it (I really hated it the first time). But I'm re-reading it so I can read The Great Gatsby: Graphic Novel by Nicki Greenberg. I'm actually going to see her do a talk about the graphic novel so I'd really like to read it before that.
2. The talk I mentioned is actually for two authors, Nicki Greenberg and Kristen Krauth. I actually won Kristen's novel, Just_a_girl, a few months back but I haven't read it yet, so I'll be changing that hopefully!
3. I'd really like to be able to collaborate with another book blogger. I was thinking maybe a read-a-thon or some other kind of event. But if anyone's interested, please leave me a comment below.

So that's it for this week. I will see all of you next week, hopefully with some of those books read!