8 Mar 2013

UPDATE: Apologies and the Book Depository

Hey guys,

I'm so sorry that Chami and I really haven't been posting much at all lately but we've both been super, super, SUPER busy with school for the last couple of weeks. However, this week is actually a three-day weekend so I hope to be doing some reading, some reviewing and some scheduling of posts before things get crazy again. Around the end of March the posts should begin to pick up while we are on break from school and we've got some amazing books to tell you guys about then!

In other news, about a month ago we joined The Book Depository's Affiliate program. In case you are unaware of what this means, at the end of each of our reviews there will be a little notice say something along the lines of - 'Buy *Insert Title Here* from The Book Depository with free shipping worldwide, here' (that link leads to a really pretty edition of 'Doctor Zhivago' by Boris Pasternak- the book I am currently reading). If you decide to purchase from those links, we will receive a small amount of the price which we will then use to buy more books for us to review for you guys!

Reviews coming up from me include:
Mystic City by Theo Lawrence, The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson, Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Looking for Alaska by John Green and the Gatekeeper's Challenge by Eva Pohler.

I hope to see you all soon!

x Ely

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