19 Nov 2012


Hello! Hello! Lovely dearest blog followers. Have you missed us oh so much? Well, i'm sure Ely has alerted you to our doings. Nanowrimo is not going so well, Exams have closed or are coming to a close and Ely and I have shipped up to the next Schooling grade with nerves (Mostly me joining the Literature God Club). As a new Literature Student, i have been assigned many books to read, and the Latest one if is the oh so lovely PRIDE AND PREJUDICE BY JANE AUSTEN! I'm close to finishing so there will be a review up here very soon on the book.

Also, Ely and I did catch up on the mini Holidays saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Which was amazing) and we went shopping for books.  Ely will be posting her books up here soon...I hope, but otherwise, here are mine, which are also in Eli's pile.

Left - Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent
Center - Finale by Becca FitzPatrick
Right - Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

I'm near the end suckers!

Ohh Lizzie my dear, has some of Darcy's charm sprinkled on you like some Twilight Vampire?