Review Policy

A Book So Fathomless is CURRENTLY accepting ONLY physical book copies for reviews.

A Book So Fathomless will accept any works within the Young Adult Genre, including:
Science Fiction
We only accept Adult novels in the genres of mystery and/or crime.

However, we will not accept:
Non fiction- biographies, autobiographies etc.
Adult literature (excluding mystery/crime)
New Adult

If the genre of your book/request is not listed above, either drop us a comment or e-mail and we will reply as to whether we will consider the book or not. Please be aware that there are books we may accept or reject in any of the above genres.



Title: (Obviously the title of the novel)
Author: (Again, obviously the author of the novel)
Publication Date: (Original publication date)
Publisher: (Publisher of the version)
Format: (Paperback, Hardback, E-Book etc)
Pages: (The number of pages in our version)
Rating: (Our 1-5 star rating of the novel)
Blurb: (The blurb of the book)
Review: (Our comments/views on the novel, the things we like, things we didn't etc.)


Please note, if you request a review that it is not given that both of us will review the book. If you would like a certain one of us to fill your request please mention that. You can make book recommendations here.

Thank you!