28 Aug 2014

Chely, They Say The Darndest Things

A few of you (okay, just Diva Booknerd and Cait of Notebook Sisters) requested that the two of us do more posts together. Unfortunately, Chami is still holed in up 'preparing-for-exam land' (it's not a nice place) so I had to get a little bit creative for this post...So, I introduce to you *drum roll* CHELY, THEY SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS! *crowd cheers*

Basically, we're going to show off some of our brilliance (insane-ness) via screenshots of things we've said to each other on Skype/Facebook/Text. Sound amazing? YOU BET IT DOES.

This shouldn't surprise any of you, but the vast majority of our conversations revolve around books. This particular one is from a few weeks back when I was reading The Maze Runner... (Did anyone else do this too?)

'Hoe' is our thing (it's a term of endearment, we promise!), so sometimes things like this happen. Can you guess the real quotes?
Best friends is all about making the other person feel good about themselves, right?

And sometimes...it's about threatening the other person (with love, of course).

Usually, there's a lot of sarcasm...

And sometimes (most of the time), we get a little nerdy and weird. #besthoes
And yes, there's a lot of embarrassing photos of both of us that we've saved for future use against each other. (Mainly for birthdays)

 (The best folder on my laptop, clearly)

'Ely blackmail' photos...made public for my 18th.
And the retaliation for Chami's birthday. 

We hope you enjoyed this little embarrass-fest! It was definitely fun to put together. If you want to see some more 'Chely' posts, go check out some of these - Best Friend Tag, Chami's Blogaversary post, Ely's Blogaversary post and The Story of Chely.

You're all beautiful, we love you and thank you!

A nice little bonus picture, because who the hell knows what's going on here?


  1. Awww, ahahaha! I loved this post - SUCH FUN. I hope Chami's experience in the land of "preparing for exam land" (am I the only one who is thinking about The Magic Faraway Tree right now?), isn't too terrible. I DEMAND MORE CHELY POSTS UPON HER RETURN. :D

    1. (Was that a Miranda reference? Because if it was, then...just, wow.) As for her exams- she just cries about them a lot, so clearly she's fine :P THERE WILL BE MORE CHELY.

      x Ely


    I second Cait and Kelly's suggestion. DO MORE POSTS TOGETHER I DON'T CARE IF YOU GUYS GOT SCHOOL (just kidding I do, stay in school kids). but those messages ARE AWESOME. :D you guys are hilarious hahaha

    1. Why thaaaank you, Val :) Like I just said to Ebony, there will be more Chely very soon!

      x Ely